Powerful Impact Requires Leading With The Heart | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Vlog

The way of the heart is deceivingly challenging…

Do not waste your energy with hate on what could be loved, for you are wasting your greatest strength.

I’m not trying to take away your pain, in fact, I’m with you.

What I crave is for us to come together – be part of a revolution that heals, instead of destroys.

That considers the collateral damage of raw aggression and pauses before spending precious energy trying to prove to another why you’re perspective is the most valid.

Ponder this.

Who holds more power?

A man wrongly sentenced to prison for 27 years with:

a) hatred in his heart and an axe in his hand, running towards a crowd?


b) love in his heart, running for president?

It’s easy to throw down at someone you feel is ignorant, ‘asleep’ and who you wholeheartedly believe, is either mislead or misleading. ⠀

Especially when it feels as though their ‘ignorance’ threatens your sovereignty or safety.

We are witnessing the triggering of our most primitive fears and therefore, are seeing the most primitive reactions.⁣⠀

Betrayal and evil seem to be rising from through the cracks of the systems who appear to be both the problem and the solution.

It appears the very people we’ve learned to implicitly trust and rely on are censoring the truth.

So here’s my offering.

If we want to truly be a part of a world free of injustice, greed, violence, abuse, misuse and manipulation.

We must be willing to step back and see that the old wounded way is to lead with and from pain, blame and shame, and that it create only more pain (eventually, albeit at times, bringing immediate relief). ⁣⠀

In an attempt to restore your energy and enhance your impact, I want to share a practice that’s as old as old. One that my teachers taught me. One that isn’t able to be intellectualised, only felt.⁣⠀

The way of the heart, as simple as it may appear, requires us to lean not away from the pain, but towards the source of the wound.

To love, is to lean into the very hurt itself, giving us the opportunity to re-imagine, re-frame, realise the situation in a way we do not feel attacked and therefore don’t attack. Instead, we source a future in our hearts, let it trickle into our minds and forge a new path with that power, emanating through our being.

Does this mean we stand still? NO. It’s means when we move, we’ve got the strength of wisdom and truth on our side, instead of sheer terror and pain.

The heart allows us to release the distortion that stems from our expectations, not because we are aligning with or complying with darkness. But because clear vision serves us on our mission to alchemise darkness, end violence and violation and restore balance. ⠀

Watch the practice below 🙂


For your future use:

  1. I’m sorry
  2. Please forgive me
  3. Thank you
  4. I love you


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