Hope Is Cheap – The Paradox of Hope | BU EP#3 | Just Be You | Amber Hawken | MINDFULNESS COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY

Hope is nice. Fucking useless, but still nice.

When we want something in our life, really want something, hope can be our worst enemy. 

Now, I first need to clarify the difference between hope and trust. 

Hope is giving away power and responsibilty. Hope doesn't take into account that our soul has a much better understanding of what is best for us and hope, has attachment. 

Attachment lacks hope because attachment to an outcome, leaves us vulnerable to being disappointed when what we hoped for, doesn't happen. Trust allows us to work for it, take back our power and then if it doesn't happen, we are able to let it go. 

NB: sometimes people are trusting, but they use the word hope. 

Hope is not a 'bad thing', it's just a less empowering state of mind, that could results in sadness, hurt and anger and places your self of happiness and worth outside of yourself. 

Hope doesn't involve effort

Trust is an utter trust in life. 

Trust requires responsibility on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. It takes back your sense of power and fulfilment and puts it inside, where it can never waiver.

In this episode, I explain the nitty gritty of exactly what you can do instead of 'hoping' for something to happen and take back your power.

Never doubt your power – don’t ‘hope’, when you can actually create

Dammit, I said hopefully in that video. Did you notice? I put it in as a test 😉

Well, it shows how easy it is to give away our power when we aren't paying attention to our conditionings.

Be the guard at the door of your mind. Your language can transform your life. Watch your thoughts like a hawk and most of all: trust + hustle can make any dream come true.

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