The Paradox Of Purpose | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

Looking for our purpose is going to prevent us from discovering it.

That’s a hardcore paradox, eh? You know I love a good paradox, and you’ll be able to tell within 20 seconds of pressing play that I am passionate as hell about this subject because I see every single day so many people ruthlessly searching for something that is innately who they are and what they do in each moment. 

So many of us are identified with the fear-based stories that run wild within the space between our ears, which then reaffirm the idea that purpose will bring fulfilment if we could only ever find and grasp it… I’m here to tell you that chasing your purpose is the worst advice you could ever take.

Don’t get caught up in the fears that default you into living up to the standard society accepts when you are here for so much more than that.

I don’t want you to get to the end of your life and sense that it was wasted. So, watch this video.

To find meaning and to create balance in our lives requires courage. You up for it? The paradox of purpose means you have to ignore the instinct of staying safe to dive deep into adventure – which makes life for the living. What part of this video sparked a reframe for you in terms of your own relationship to purpose?

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