The Power Of an Open Heart | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

I’ve felt grief

in this lifetime so deeply I thought it would never leave my bones. 

I’ve buried both my Mum and Step Father before I was 30. 

Mum spent a lot of her life running from pain with substance abuse. I watched her attempt to drown her pain in alcohol more times than I have memories of us enjoying moments connected. 

My step father took his own life. He suffered in silence. A strong, stern and deeply loving man who was only 30 – that’s how fucking old I am now. He had a 6 month old son at the time and I cannot imagine how helpless he must have felt. 

I’ve had my heart cracked to a million little pieces once or twice – with a cup or two of infidelity – alongside a pregnancy that never made it to term, by my choice. 

I’ve spent my career working with people to move through darkness, chaos and fear. Especially those at the peak of their game who are so close to their full magnificence that they teeter on the edge of destroying their success.

It can be terrifying to realise your own power. It means we must let go of the pain and the story that holds the safety or our limitations in place, vigilantly protecting the soft parts of our heart we’ve long spent guarding.  

Here’s what I know about pain and grief and sorrow and fear….

Your heart has room for it all!

Speaking of, I shared a powerful technique for releasing blocked energy in the heart and body on my IGTV this week,  go listen/watch here. 

If you close off when you feel challenged you’re only compressing the shards of frozen hurt that’s trying to melt and work its way through. 

But if you can open your heart’s energy by relaxing your body, your belly and gently using your breath to navigate through rivers of your own energetic being, it can move through and dissolve away. 

Each time you brave opening and breathing into your heart when you feel the stab of uncertainty of our future, or the anxiety of your pending loss, or the ache of loneliness in your chest, you heal yourself, and the collective a little more. 

We’re being asked to slow down, breathe deep and open so that we can remember what’s important. 

Surrender, loves.

It’s going to fucking hurt at times. 

And guys – if an orange man with just half a teaspoon of emotional intelligence can be voted for president, we can sit with our discomforts to release the old to make room for the new. 


With love,


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