EP7 Nicky Mih | Sex Trafficking, Perspective and Courage | BU Podcast

Did you know….

That a sex trafficking victim is often raped 10-20 times a day, so in a period of 6 months that’s anywhere between 1,800 to 3,600 times? What about the fact that at around 20 years of age, after a lifetime of her body being purchased at the price of a cup of coffee, she is simply released, for she is no longer fresh and thus deemed useless in the trafficking industry?

How about the fact that whenever a girl is rescued from sex trafficking, that another is plucked from for her life to replace her, and that rescuing while a miracle in itself, doesn’t end the problem?

Out of all the 100’s of organisations in Cambodia, none of them at this point, focus on prevention alone in a systemised, focused way. Except, Free To Shine. Free To Shine is a child protection organisation preventing children from being trafficked into the commercial sex industry, in Cambodia.

The hero behind Free To Shine

Nicky Mih is such a powerful, humble and inspiration being. She teaches us that you do not need to know how to do something great, to do something great. You get a big enough reason and your how’s work out.

My favourite parts of today – all of it. Wisdom for a 100 years of life, show up in this interview. 

  • Pulling strength from women who have been trafficked
  • How perspective fulfils us
  • How to find inspiration each day
  • Following through with your goals
  • Gut wrenching awareness, creating momentum
  • The meaning of life…..

Loads and loads and loads more

Here is where you kind find loads more out, about Free To Shine

And, don’t bloody forget to just be you.



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