The Path for Non-Interference in Facilitation

The Path for Non-Interference in Facilitation

If you believe that you are the one responsible for anyone else’s healing, you will play out a relationship pattern of co dependence.

We all have the ability to self heal, we simply need to get out of the way. We will fuck it up, we are human. And, we can be honest with one another and invite each other to check in around our motivations.

The increase of modalities that have little to no regulation requires us to both lift up and rise, and, reflect integrity (or a lack of) to one another. Healing is part of the birth – death cycle in life. When we are in tune with it, we are able to let people journey with themselves, standing there reminding them of their power. Most of the time, less it more for people.

The struggles that we move through as a human help us shed layers as we push through the eye of our own transformation needle and enter the portals of our pain is what initiates us into the next level of wisdom within self. It activates, awakens and allows awareness to transform into embodiment. It allows people to return to their power. This is the ultimate goal. A person fully conscious and aware of their own power.

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