Navigating Triggers In A Relationship | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Video

There is you, me and the relationship…

There are so many variables in every relationship. From the values of each person to the purpose of the relationship, to the dynamics within an individual that plays out/clash/dance and the triggers involved as a natural response to getting closer to a person’s heart and being in their space (to name a few).

This video is a response to the most frequently asked question I get, second only to discerning between fear and intuition.

I took a very specific question I received from someone that I feel we can all relate to, where their partner was being triggered by their trigger and the situation spiraling fast.

In this video I explore:

– relationship purpose

– what core foundation is missing in most relationships and how to build it

– the three parts of each relationships that helps us discern who requires tending to

– how to avoid trying to fix symptoms

– identifying who is actually triggered

– communicating and respecting needs, triggers and co-regulation suggestions

– self-regulation practivces

– frameworks that can be counterproductive

And more.

Check it out below.


’d love to know once you watch what resonated and if you have further questions. I enjoy having dialogues as it’s almost impossible for me to cover all bases and be inclusive without going into extreme detail and it becoming a 3-hour video.

I wouldn’t mind doing that but I’m stopped by upload limits.


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