EP3 Nathan Chan | Using Pain To Access Your Genius | BU Podcast

Rockbottom is a perfect gateway to success

I got Nathan onto the show to dig into his life a little a little deeper. My curiosities about how this guy ticked were aroused while catching up with him at an event we both spoke at.

He’s a hustler at heart and I noticed an epic humbleness about this guy. He has a genius ability to engage with people through the quality of the conversations and topics he shares, teaches and discusses, not just on a professional level but also over dinner with friends.


Nathan Shares:

  • His initial motivation behind Foundr
  • How his drive has transformed since first began and how that impacts him on a personal level
  • The importance of not taking shit from the people around you
  • Why you don’t need to be confident or number one in anything to start creating your dreams
  • The skills from all his previous (and sometimes seemingly lower key) jobs at places like McDonalds, actually prepared him for some of the biggest wins he’s had in business
  • The incredibly simple formula that summarises what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur (and life in general)
  • How Nathan gets himself out of a funk and times of massive growth in the business
  • How he keeps his mind clear and focused for success
  • His steps for achieving anything, even when you know nothing

You can connect with Nathan  here:

W: www.foundrmag.com

IG: @foundr

And, don’t bloody forget to just be you.



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