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One of the biggest things that drive us to be controlled by our emotions is to resist the vulnerability of feeling them.

Vulnerability is a hot word right now but generally misunderstood.

In this video I am explaining how it’s actually pretty simple and how to make leaning in an effortless practice so you can get more comfortable feeling your emotions and not letting them run your life. What I mean by”run your life” is: smashing a pack of chips, a bucket of ice cream and three coffees a day without questioning what is driving this behaviour.

When we don’t get vulnerable with our feelings, we run away by over-thinking, worrying, creating anxiety about the feelings themselves, trying to desperately ‘figure it out’. It’s why we get short and snappy and talk trash.. we are reacting to our emotions and looking for a hit of power of dopamine to escape.

I know you don’t want to do that, so watch this video.


Throughout our whole human life, we will hit the bumps in the road, celebrate the wins and feel the whole spectrum of human emotion. So be there. Feel it. Be with it. Mindfulness is a practice, not a ‘perfect’, so be gentle with yourself. You’re learning to human.

Social conditioning has taught us that some of our emotions are ‘bad’ and shouldn’t be expressed because they are ‘wrong’. Are there any emotions that you’ve realised you don’t express or have trouble gettin’ intimate with?  Let me know over on Insta!



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