43 | Michael Gay | The Missing Piece Of Healing The Masculine | The Amber Hawken Podcast

Humans (including men) are by nature, relational beings

This episode explores some of the more hands-on work for men, and the masculine, that is often overlooked, underestimated or displaced by cognitive therapy alone. We dive into the role of relating to the world, others, self, source, emotions and everything as fundamental to rebuilding the divine masculine in a healthy way.

We cover deep and wide avenues in this chat including:

  • What presence and being in ‘flow’ looks and feels like and appreciating the contrast of numbness as a result of a severed connection to source,
  • How a lot of men/people surrogate needs of touch and feel with women when they actually need that vital connection with men also,
  • How to restore vitality to mens/all beings lives and how to actively be influenced at every level,
  • Exploring the patterns in different types of addictions that coincide from a lack of certain needs being met as a child,
  • How many attachment styles and codependency habits develop as a result of trauma,
  • Exploring the difference between somatic and cognitive therapy; why we need more than speaking in order to heal,
  • Denying our nature of being relational beings and how disconnection has been celebrated in men.. and the damage that ensues as a result of this denial,
  • Clarifying true power (influence) and control and how control is a lack of trust and shutting down,
  • The piece for women in this work is creating openings for men in our world and how to do that,
  • Why for some men, it can be exhausting to remove walls and remain vulnerable, even in the face of vulnerability,
  • A message from Michael for men who get frozen in the face of confronting their own walls and vulnerabilities, and
  • Why letting yourself feel, be influenced and be affected in relationships is empowering for all.

My favourite bit was – all of that! Mainly when Michael talks about how doing this work is a form of activism for the collective rise of our future.
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Sacred Sons


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