10 The Merrymaker Sisters | Mastering Alignment In Life and Business | Just Be You Podcast

Alignment in Business and Life, Requires Choosing Love and Authenticity

Why listening to this episode is a must

We cover:

  • the formula for alignment, and how to apply it in your life
  • how to recover from decisions you made that you totally regret making
  • the exact strategy for how to KNOW what decisions are aligned with your values
  • why questioning commonly accepted beliefs about the "right" and "wrong" of life, is a must
  • all in all - what creates a fulfilling life (and business) 
  • a toolkit for checking in with small decisions that create a big impact and a ripple effect
  • how to, just be you

The Merrymaker sisters are a life force of love and abundance. They're living examples of those who have learned to trust their intuition and practically make decisions around money, business, 'fame', and life in general, and can appreciate both the difficulty of this at times, but most of all the importance of it. With a reach of hundreds of thousands of followers a month with their Merry Recipes, Blog, Masterminds, Podcasts, and Challenges - these girls have a breadth and depth of skill and experience in how to run a business and live a life from the heart and be incredibly successful at it. 


I would love you to comment below, with how you ensure you are in alignment in your life.
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