34 | Mike Campbell | A Conversation About Mens Integrity Everyone Needs To Hear | The Amber Hawken Podcast

Let’s talk mens integrity and mental health.

We are all connected to men in some way. We all have (or had) a father, we may have male siblings, friends, or intimate relationships, and we’re all intimately connected and affected by the mental wellbeing and integrity of men past, present and future. 

Part of the discussion of working through oppression and repression and patriarchy is how to prevent this from happening and help heal the unconscious within each person (specifically men in this podcast) that’s fuelling this in the first place. It’s being present with how this was created, building unity rather than separation from what we want to change, and support this through voice, action, unconditional love and expression. We need to heal together, not apart.

Mike is a men’s coach, author, and wannabe professional stone fruit eater. Mike is the founder of The School of Personal Mastery – a group coaching program for everyday men wanting to get their shit together and achieve greater success and happiness in their career, relationships, and life – without the guilt and hang-ups. 

The dynamics of this interview shifts gears rapidly as we cover:

  • What does it mean when you ask a man “Who are you?” and how this question is not a judgement, but an invitation that will move you towards what you may not know you’re missing.
  • Understanding that avoidance or stimulation is a symptom of moving away from what we really need to pay attention to. Avoidance takes us in circles. 
  • Examples of what it means to be in integrity with yourself as a man; thoughts, actions, words and life itself. 
  • The struggles most men find themselves spinning around in and to identify where you are and what the next step may be.
  • Why feeling stuck and going nowhere is the perfect place to begin a deeper inquiry.
  • Specific questions to be able to reflect on when you feel stuck.
  • How to move from head to heart to be able to hear oneself, hold space and transcend emotions, deepen self connection and get to know yourself better.
  • Indoctrination to what it is to “be a man” and how we can ask the right questions to break away what no longer serves a man who wants to live in integrity. 
  • How radical responsibility for emotions and self growth are fundamental to the collective healing.
  • The relationship between masculine and feminine in a relationship and how our partners can reflect back our self deceptions.

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Find someone (either Mike, or search for a local  group in person) you resonate with online, and connect and take action on this. 

Remember: everyone is walking around pretending to have their shit together – they don’t.Give yourself permission to not have all the answers. Be okay with not having your shit together, and know that you get to do something about it.

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