Mens Alchemy

Mens Alchemy

A rite of passage from self-awareness to self-mastery.

Whatever you have come to this earth to do, you find it in your being, here, at Alchemy.

Whatever healing that's required in order for you to shift from knowing, into embodiment, this is the space to do it.

This is.. Alchemy

Expansion, reclamation, connection and deep healing.

Next Retreat: 22nd-25th July 2021, Aquilla Retreat, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.

Alchemy is four days and three nights of uncommonly deep healing and facilitates a reconnection to the purest layers of your being.

It opens you to the infinite of your own essence and grounds you to walk with presence, honesty and reverence for yourself and this life.

You will be taken through a dynamic mix of experiences, workshops, circles, ceremonies, bodywork, emotional opening, group and personal processing conducted with the intention of becoming more intimate with all that you are — above and below, dark and light, superficial and deep.

There’ll be plenty of rawness, revelation, deep opening and breakthrough. The land we choose to hold our retreats on and our team provide an impeccable container of safety for whatever work and processing that presents itself.

Yes, I know this isn’t entirely tangible, but the thing about Alchemy is, if you know, you know.

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Alchemy is its own rite of passage for any individual who chooses it. It's a multi-modality and multi-dimensional experience. Combining ancient practices and principles of healing and activation to merge with modern holistic modalities of awareness and integration.

You will learn how to lead your life by not just knowing yourself, but by experiencing the deepest layers of your being.

Through the four days, you will practice staying grounded in the heart and meeting yourself so deeply that the path you walk in life is your own and each step is with intention, power and fulfillment.

We take you through experiences that ask you to witness yourself and others with openness, reverence, honesty and love, again and again in different ways. Showing you aspects of yourself you've disowned, detached, distracted, disassociated, forgotten, or never claimed. Inviting you to return back in, back home into that space of wholeness.

"Amber has mastered the art of communicating powerful self mastery truths in a unique and honest way, while taking clients deep, She also manages to shed light and joy."

Laura Elliot

"Be prepared to be pushed physically and mentally to a whole new level. Rediscover the power of your own breath and plunge to ice cold depths and be invigorated to a new, even more powerful you!"

Bronie Scarce

Exhilaration.. strength .. and release . .. Nothing will ever be the same after you experience this level of personal strength .. join those who have been before you.. trust the journey!"

Jocelyn  Spicer

We honour the human you, and the spirit alive in us all.

There are no guru's, dress-ups or performances at Alchemy.

Your teachers are the kind who walk amongst and beside you in this world. People you'd meet on the street and feel at home with. Leading you while sitting with you. Holding you while showing you how to hold. Teaching you how to teach. Guiding you to sovereignty while dedicated to their own path. 

It's a journey of waking up the roots of who you are and treading with power, heart and clear vision so that you know without a shadow of a doubt, how to carve a path that echoes and manifests from the highest version of yourself with fulfillment and service to the world.

Activities, processes, ceremonies and experiences include:

  • Cleansing sweat lodge ceremony
  • Healing connected breathing workshops
  • Ceremonial Hape’
  • Cacao and soundscape journey into the heart
  • Circle work on shadows, regression and soul retrieval
  • Partner work with the heart, space holding and deep listening practice
  • Incantaria dance to awaken the four elements of the feminine
  • Dynamic meditation to cleanse and purifying stagnant and stuck emotions
  • Ice bath resilience process
  • Daily Pranyam/breathwork practice
  • Yoga, hiking, lakes and nature
  • Meditation, silence, reflection and rejuvenation
  • Pre retreat cleanse and physical juice fast (optional)
  • Nourishing organic whole food meals (if not juice fasting)

“Sisterhood, connection, exploration, expansion, discovery, home, life, self-discovery, love, openness, vulnerability, opportunity, self-reflection, and... just an all-around good fucking time with the world's most awesome chicks!!!!”

Sally Grunsell

Inclusion Details

  • 22nd-25th July 2021
  • Aquilla Retreat, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
  • 3 nights and 4 days accommodation Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning
  • Transfers to and from the closest airport (Brisbane or Sunshine Coast)
  • Nourishing whole food meals the entire retreat or juice fast option
  • Pre and post coaching and support community

Alchemy Upgraded: Pre Masterclass and Integration Work
4 weeks of online group coaching (2 weeks either side of retreat)

  • Two weeks of pre and post support coaching that respectively prepares and integrates the emotionally cathartic and energetic upgrading work we do on retreat, including nutritional and mindset programs in Ayurvedic nutrition and psychology. ($1,500 value)
  • Four live masterclasses (two before and two after) recorded and delivered to replay and learn from ($800 value)
  • A library of practices provided post-retreat for maintaining and deepening change ($300 value)
  • Bonus meditation, mindfulness and breathwork practices for dealing with the inevitable challenges that arise in life, allowing you to show up from a place of calm, confidence and inspiration. ( $300 value)
  • Lifetime access to an online community post-retreat to stay connected to those in your corner and on this path.


Renae Berry

“Confronting, life-changing, powerful”

Ann Lewis


Zoe Williams

Any BONUS material and audio trainings, including done for you breakthrough techniques mindset exercises and alchemy specific meditations will be sent to you at the end of the program to use, and reuse for the rest of your life after the end of the program for lifetime access.

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“F—king amazing, life-changing, love, sisters”

Lucy Montgomery

“Life-changing, vulnerability, sisterhood”

Megan Webster

“Heart opening, inspirational, energising, fun, transcendence.”

Lauren Hooper

Location Details

Amara Retreat, 81 Litfin Rd, Verrierdale QLD 4562

Twin-share rooms, all organic cotton and chemical-free products provided
Sauna, magnesium pool, rolling hills and lush sacred lands
Yoga shala, large dining room, fire pit and comfy lounge zone

Application and Investment

The application process is for you as much as it is for me. I have been running this retreat for five years and each time the people and the processes level up. To ensure the integrity of the work, I check in with each application and check that this is a fit. I want you to have a deep, life-changing experience and fun along the way. Applying isn't about you not being 'good enough'. It's about making sure that this will change your life, forever. Don't doubt it if you feel it. The price etc is in the application form.

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Retreat Testimonials From Dec 21' Paticipants

“Love, curiosity, openness, acceptance, challenging, breathtaking, soulful, honesty, affirmation, purposeful.”

Deb Jeacle


Averal Woodham

“Challenging, Life-changing, Transforming, Healing, Strength, Love, Connection, Family, Complete, Tribal, Deliverance”

Naomi Leigh

Meet Amber.

Your coach, therapist and mentor.

I’m a classic fiery ginger. I come from country Australia and my not so kinder-surprise childhood gave me a skill or two in life that comes in handy for grounded guidance.

I’ve worked with humans for more than a decade and have a love of the subtle art of healing, playing in luminal spaces, integrating and accessing all of oneself to be here right now. I’m as deep as they come on the topic of being a gift to this world and enjoying it every step of the way. I am also not afraid of a sci-fi metaphor or a brilliant pun.

I am not teaching you anything you don’t already know deep down. I can only shine a torch on the forgotten parts of your power and show you how to activate and integrate them into your life.

The more formal parts of my qualifications include:

A Bachelor of Medical Science, A Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Breathwork Performance Practitioner, Yoga and Pranayam Teacher, Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist, Functional Breathwork Instructor and a Practitioner of The Melchizedek Method.

Your Co-Facilitators

Beanie is a professional Kinesiology practitioner, energy and sound healer, functional fitness and rehab trainer and holistic health and lifestyle consultant and the creator of the Soulfit Wellness Institute in Brisbane. She has spent the last 12 years assisting, educating and empowering people to make positive changes in their life for their best health and happiness on a mental, physical and spiritual level.

Beanie Tompkins

My name is Kurt Iwanina and I am a meditation teacher, intuitive energy and sound healer, musician, spiritual mentor, reiki practitioner and earth warrior. I work from a space of love, compassion and deep respect and honour for all life. In all my workshops, classes and ceremonies I pay my respects to our beautiful Mother Earth, to Great Spirit and source of all creation.

Kurt Iwanina

I can't wait...

Alchemy Upgraded is by far one of the most powerful programs I have ever offered.

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See you soon,


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  • Q : Questions 2
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  • Q : Questions 3
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  • Q : Questions 4
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Acknowledgment of Country

We recognise the continuous and deep connection to Country of Aboriginal people as the first peoples of this nation. In this way we respectfully acknowledge the Custodians of this land, sea and sky. We pay tribute to the Elders past and present and also respect the collective ancestry that has brought us all here today. It is a privilege to be present on Country and we hope that our work supports this land, sea and spirit.