Mens Alchemy

Men's Alchemy is four days and three nights of profound breakthrough, expansion and initiation. It's a container where men step out of intellect and form an unshakeable connection with their power. You will experience deep nourishment you didn't realise you craved in the presence of a brotherhood that both celebrates and respectfully demands more of you. A space to discover self-leadership tools and a purposeful relationship with life anchored to internal freedom.


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Next Retreat Details

June 22nd - 25th Wybalena Organic Farm, The Pocket Northern NSW, Australia.

In addition to the four days, Alchemy combines pre and post group mentorship to ensure excellent preparation and smooth integration including:

  • pre-retreat cleanse and priming program
  • post-retreat integration program and coaching
  • one-month of group mentorship and support
  • four group masterclasses (two live two recorded)
  • a library of embodiment techniques, practices and tools
  • a relationship healing and integration series and more

The potency of Alchemy is built on these unique aspects no other retreat provides. They ensure you are not only thoroughly prepared before and after our four days together, you know exactly how to practically apply the tools you've learned. Integration is steady with the guidance of your facilitators and community in all areas of life relationships, career, and community after such a profound experience.

You will experience four intense days of sacred ceremonies, processes, workshops and adventure that activates healing and cultivates consciousness.

Amongst an intimate brotherhood, you will navigate the places within yourself that are required to deepen connection and authenticity in relationships.

You will discover a presence and purpose far more fulfilling than material success and a long list of accomplishments.

You will meet the darkness within that when ignored, wreaks havoc and disconnection in your everyday life and, when embraced, fuels a healthy power and creative drive.

Alchemy is a rite of passage for any individual who chooses it.

It's a multimodality and multidimensional experience for men seeking deeper fulfilment and a legacy that carries into future generations.

Combining ancient ceremonies and modern practices that activate deep healing, fine-tune your nervous system, and expand your capacity to stay open in the presence of any challenge.

You will embody personal power and inner vision to lead your life with love, consciousness and integrity.

We bring together a team of exceptional facilitators who are all masters of their craft, honour their ancestors' lineages and sacredness and are not simply qualified but also experienced. Our facilitators hold a combined 150 years + of experience and wisdom. Rest assured, you are in safe, seasoned and capable hands.

Due to the depth of this work, we have an application process. You can register for inclusions and investment details below when applying. 

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You Will :

  • Transform the fear of failure and pride to purpose and mission
  • Master conscious communication and rock solid space holding.
  • Shift patterns of avoidance or anxiousness in relationships to conscious connection and inter-dependance.
  • Move from frustration, impatience and self-doubt to inner spaciousness, devotion and personal power.
  • Expand your awareness and sharpen your vision. 
  • Cultivate impeccable presence and embody trustability.
  • Experience uncommonly deep healing of unresolved trauma.
  • Learn to feel deeply rather than numb, shut down or turn to addiction.
  • Learn embodied practices that uphold structures to sustain vitality, willpower and drive for life.
  • Transform domination and control into purpose and healthy support.
  • Develop emotional regulation and openness.  
  • Re-energise through connection to movement, breath, creativity and nature.
  • Be safely led to take responsibility for everything you have created and how to heal where you have hurt.
  • Understand how to prioritise and integrate practices that expand your capacity to hold life's storms for the sake of conscious love and leadership.
  • Practice techniques of meditation, breath, energy, presence and physical challenge that expand your nervous system's capacity.

Alchemy Inclusions Beginning to End

  • Access to a sauna and magnesium plunge pool for integration and replenishment between workshops.
  • Four (replay available) online masterclasses and group coaching calls.
  • All meals are cooked by our private in house chefs with a whole food diet (at least 80% organic and locally sourced, ALWAYS spray free).
  • Comprehensive pre retreat cleanse program including daily schedule of breathwork, emotional and mental practices PLUS live group support in our private online container.
  • Comprehensive integration video series including done for you breathwork practices, meditation, emotional healing techniques and more in an online membership library.
  • Relationships integration workshop inc. healing processes for both you and your partner to support a smoother transition.
  • Six weeks of unlimited facilitator support in our private online container online forum with 24/7 support from facilitators=
  • Transport via carpooling from an airport or drop off points in a 90minute radius of our accommodation.
During The Retreat

Workshops, activities, ceremonies and workshops covering (but not limited to):

  • Purpose and Service
  • Relationship of Self to Self, Self to Other, Self to Earth (and mother/feminine) and Self to Spirit
  • Healing, Feeling and Embodiment
  • Grounding, Conscious Connection and Wholeness
  • Presence and Boundaries
  • Communication and Alinged Action
  • Power and Integrity
  • Source Energy and Intuition
  • Humility, Ceremony and Initiation
  • Schedule and Personal Practice


Workshops and Ceremonies

  • Traditional Sweat Lodge
  • Strong daily hatha yoga practice
  • Daily breathwork sessions for each: performance, emotional release and priming the nervous system
  • Traditional Brazillian Incantaria body, rhythm, dance, and movement workshop
  • Therapeutic conscious connected breathwork journeys
  • Deep listening and emotional release workshop
  • Cold exposure, ice bath and plunges in nature
  • Soul retrieval, inner child and regression workshop


  • Fasted hinterland hike
  • Cathartic dynamic meditation
  • Guided group meditations and energy work
  • Traditional sacred shamanic Rapé ceremony
  • Soundscapes and vibrational healing
  • Noble silence and integration time
  • Integrated, Feminine and Masculine embodiment practices
  • Fire circle ceremony
  • Integration, ritual and scheduling practices workshop

Bonus Inclusions

  • Lifetime access to your Alchemy Brotherhood community
  • Lifetime access to resources, tools and practices post-retreat including re-entering relationships and over 15+ guided practices and techniques for routines and rituals

We shape each retreat to the needs of the men attending. We have up to eight facilitators, three main ones who will guide you the entire time and others who move in and out and hang on the wings to support you each step of the way.

Your Team, Facilitators and Support Crew

Amber Hawken

I reverence our natural ability to emotionally and mentally self heal and spiritually actualise. In all I do, I aim to restore in each person this innate intelligence. For the last decade, I have facilitated thousands of people in live and online spaces through deep personal healing, spiritual reconnection and grounding their creative potential in life, career and relationships. After leaving the medical field ten years ago, I explored ancient cultures, different dimensions and bridged east and west. With a pragmatic mind and a country girl spirit, I have a unique blend of practical and down to earth approaches to the arena of therapy, embodied healing, integration, energy and consciousness. The more formal parts of my qualifications include:

A Bachelor of Medical Science, A Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist, Functional Breathwork Practitioner, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Pranayama Teacher and a Practitioner of The Melchizedek Method.

Alastair Evans

I’m Alastair, calm, stable and people focused. I delight in being of service, holding space particularly in the uncomfortable.

More specifically in my daily practice, I’m a Chinese medicine practitioner. I stick needles in people, give them herbs to brew up and talk with them about life death and consciousness. I love my job because it offers me so much growth and personal development while I’m generally having a laugh with people.

When I’m not doing that I find joy in riding bikes, strangling people at Jiu jitsu and cooking pizza.

My core values are growth joy and health.

Brett Robbo

Brett Robbo’s journey began in an isolated country town in Australia, called Cobar. With a population of only 5,500 people it was great for Brett to stay well connected to his close family and friends – a deep core value of his.

Sporting opportunities flourished for him as he was offered Rugby League contracts in Sydney and Sprinting scholarships at the Australian Institute of Sport, of which he chose the latter and was a full-time sprinter for almost 3 years. Since his time at the AIS Brett has been travelling the World consulting as a Performance Coach and Performance Therapist to Olympic level Track and Field Athletes, Sydney Swans AFL, Various NRL and ARU teams, Redbull athletes, and many other High Performance athletes and teams while also helping top level CEO’s, stay at home parents, entrepreneurs and everyday humans tap into their growth mindset and inner excellence and be the best versions of themselves.

Sam Johnson

I’ve had a “health and fitness” focussed mindset from the age of 15, I’ve been very fortunate to work and gain experience across a huge range of areas and modalities during my time in the industry. I spent 8 years of my Army career working with Australian Special Forces (commandos) and have experiential knowledge of what the human body and mind are truly capable of, from being embedded and training with the most elite soldiers on the planet.

I was a full-time soldier for 14 years, 8 of those as the “Head Combat Fitness Leader”. In 2008 I became qualified as a personal trainer and in recent years branched into the special needs space. My experience and training has given me the ability to coach any individual from special needs to special forces.

Heidi Lampard

Heidi, a dedicated certified yoga practitioner (800hr RYT), co-founder of Rasa Lila Yoga Retreats, holistic health wellness coach and mama to 2 beautiful young ladies, lives and breathes the teachings of yoga throughout every aspect of her life.

Heidi is deeply in love with yoga on all levels and is wholeheartedly passionate about helping others experience the medicine of this practice also.

Through her lighthearted, playful, open-minded, nurturing, grounded, accepting and calming essence she guides her students through their practice with warmth, a gentle strength and open heart.


Definitely part of the R-evolution family, Bebe dreams of a world with less intellect and more heart… Less rules and more freedom! A world where we remember our connection to the Earth Mother, to our raw, real, authentic essence. Bebe was born out of an act of rebellion & R-evolution, where 2 souls from complete opposite social classes fell in love back in the 70s & chose to breakthrough their own conditioning & the disapproval of the lineage for their union & dance. In essence her birth was already starting to dissolve & restructure the old hierarchal ways & the illusions of separation… Bringing 2 “other-worlds’ into union, with her as a bridge.

It has been over a decade now that she has helped many return to their own sacred union with all of their colours through her alchemy work which encompasses a array of tools: Shamanic Journey Path Creatress, Sound Medicine Therapist, Embodied Life Guide, Energy Medicine Mentor, Somatic Breath Facilitator, Womb Wisdom Medicine Holder, Munay Ki Priestess…

She is a Wild & Revolutionary Woman who brings in the clarity we require to see through the masks we wear, the conditioning we carry, the shadows we project & the unjust systems we create. Her authenticity, truth & wisdom are her gifts, she anchors a good dose of rebellion & certainly awakens the inner R-evolution Frequency our soul requires to free ourselves from the rigid rules & conditioning we have created in all dimensions: physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Clarity is assured to be rippling through your temple with Bebe as an anchor.


Jema Lee

Jema Lee is an expert women’s menstrual cycle educator and coach, daytime mermaid and a plant mum devoted to helping women confidently connect and awaken their own intrinsic cyclical nature. Known for her integrity, warmth, no-gimmick analogy-filled approach to un-boxing your health honestly, Jema makes periods FUN! As she guides and supports women from over 30 countries around the world navigate their menstrual cycle through one-on-one coaching virtually, online courses, intimate events and retreats.

With over 16 years’ experience in the health industry, Jema’s training in Women’s Health, Natural Fertility Methods and Awareness, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Psychology, Nutrition, Wellness Coaching and countless short courses has equipped her with the tools that bring her unique approach to coaching on the menstrual cycle to life for menstruators of all ages.

Known for her Well Woman Podcast, a podcast show about poo, periods and sex where she brings to life taboo, awkward and vulnerable conversations. Passionate about rewriting the menstrual story for future menstruators Jema’s also the creator of Cyclical, Menstrual Cycle Coaching Certification Course. Daily you’ll find her on Instagram and either hanging out in her Volkswagon DIY built Van, Herbie or within her signature group coaching membership, the Well Woman Academy. Apply to work with her, here.

Beanie Tompkins

I am a qualified Kinesiologist, Rehab Trainer, Sound Healer, Teacher and Mentor. It is my Dharma in this lifetime to assist as many beautiful humans as possible to not only see their truth, their worth, their greatness. But also to live in a no-bullshit, unapologetic, caring, compassionate and mostly wholesome, awakened life! I’m talking about a life where you live without anxiety, self-doubt or the words of others swimming around in your head. Through my personal healing of previously unprocessed abuse and 20 years of anxiety that I flipped and transformed, I have gone on to support over 2,000 people to live a balanced life in alignment with their truest potential.

Stacey Tarleton

Head Chef, Gwinganna Health Retreat Executive

Reanna Meuleman

Acupuncturist / Founder of Being Co, BHSc Acu
My strength as a practitioner has come from learning directly from many amazing practitioners as the transfer of skill and subtle details are best learnt directly from others rather than books.Although I’ve worked incredibly hard throughout my journey, it’s thanks to these people, I owe a great deal of my learning, appreciation and understanding of this profound traditional medicine. I will be at Alchemy as an unbiased and honest support, ear that listens, reflections that are designed to remind you of your wisdom and a bridge between facilitator and attendee.

April Carett

April is our honcho/chief/managing director. There is no chaos that she cannot turn into organised calm. With over 15 years experience in the project management and administration space, April is skilled in team organisation, and getting the job done. April excels in bringing the best out of a team in order to maximise efficiencies and planning, to bring a project back into the black and back on schedule.

Ryan Pope

Ryan Pope is a chiropractor, breathwork instructor and holistic health and lifestyle coach. He is the CEO of Powerhouse Mind Body Chiro, a multidisciplinary wellness centre on the Gold Coast in Australia and Becoming The Mountain, a mentoring and events business focused on preparing men physically, mentally and emotionally for their rite of passage into fatherhood.

Ryan facilitates mindfulness, and men’s work and co-facilitates at Alchemy, a multi-modality healing and transformational retreat for men and women. His focus is on creating balance and harmony in self, life and relationships through nervous system regulation, acceptance and commitment therapy, self-reflection and mastering daily practices.

Kurt Iwanina

My name is Kurt Iwanina and I am a meditation teacher, intuitive energy and sound healer, musician, spiritual mentor, reiki practitioner and earth warrior. I work from a space of love, compassion and deep respect and honour for all life. In all my workshops, classes and ceremonies I pay my respects to our beautiful Mother Earth, to Great Spirit and source of all creation.

Adam Kavanagh

I’ve spent the last 4 years travelling Australia, living off grid practising survival hunting and primitive skills which lead me to feature in Discovery Channels’ Naked and Afraid – Africa. After years of thyroid problems and other health issues. I slowly began to strip my life back and started to return to a more primal way of living. Returning to nature has changed my life and helped me recover my health. I’m is a living breathing experiment of what it looks and feels like when we strip everything back to the basics and I now want to share my journey and help people rewild and reconnect with nature.

Josiane Santos

I’m a Brazilian artist born in Minas Gerais. She I’m the founder, heart, and face behind Incantaria projects, my art is gracefully expressed through movement and her knowledge of Afro-Brazilian culture, History, Mythology, Esoteric Astrology, Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), and Spirituality. I have a very authentic way to integrate my journey and understanding of life into the work I do. My presence is powerful yet gentle, majestic yet humble. My work, besides being a contribution to genuine human connection, is a beautiful and purposeful service to the world.

Ian Cariaga

My focus is to help guide those who are willing to make a conscious movement towards making change and to extend the knowledge that has been passed onto me from my gurus and teachers over the last 26 years. I am willing to share that wisdom with anyone that is open to the science of yoga – the art of acquiring the utmost state of your body, mind, and conscious.

Accommodation Details

Luxury Accommodation, Wybalena Organic Farm, Northern NSW

Application Process and Investment

Alchemy's application process has five simple steps:

  • Complete some questions about yourself and your reasons for wanting to attend Alchemy. 
  • Book in a short call to go over your answers and ask any questions you may have (goes over investment options). 
  • Receive a PDF and audio that unpacks the retreat in detail before you speak to us. 
  • Jump on a call with Amber (or one of our facilitators) to ensure this is well aligned and answer any questions you may have. 
  • Secure your spot.

Acknowledgment of Country

We recognise the continuous and deep connection to Country of the indigenous people as the first peoples of this nation. In this way we respectfully acknowledge the Custodians of this land, sea and sky. We pay tribute to the Elders past and present and emerging. We also respect the collective ancestry that has brought us all here today. It is a privilege to be present on Country and we hope that our work supports this land, sea and spirit.