Mens Alchemy

Men's Alchemy is four days and three nights of profound breakthrough, expansion and initiation. It's a container where men step out of intellect and form an unshakeable connection with their power. You will experience deep nourishment you didn't realise you craved in the presence of a brotherhood that both celebrates and respectfully demands more of you. A space to discover self-leadership tools and a purposeful relationship with life anchored to internal freedom.


Men's July 2022 Alchemy Retreat SOLD OUT!

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November 2022, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia.

In addition to the four days, Alchemy combines integral foundations to ensure thorough preparation and sound integration. Including entry to a private online support forum and four live masterclasses with your facilitators across a month, a pre-retreat cleansing regime, a post-retreat integration program, lifetime access to your Alchemy brotherhood community, plus a resource library exclusive to Alchemy attendees.

The potency of Alchemy is built on these unique aspects no other retreat provides. They ensure you are not only thoroughly prepared before and after our four days together, you know exactly how to practically apply the tools you've learned. Integration is steady with the guidance of your facilitators and community in all areas of life relationships, career, and community after such a profound experience.

Alchemy presents an opportunity to remove protections and walls that prevent connection to your deeper purpose and presence. It transforms pride and pain into power and purpose. It humbles you and shows you how to step with intention, integrity, humility and respect for yourself and this life.

You will be taken through a dynamic mix of experiences, workshops, circles, ceremonies, bodywork, emotional opening, group and personal processing, inviting you to become more intimate with all you are, above and below, dark and light.

There will be plenty of rawness, revelation, deep opening and breakthrough. The land we choose to hold our retreats on and our team provide an impeccably safe portal for whatever work and processing that presents itself. I appreciate that this may not feel entirely tangible, but the thing about Alchemy is, if you know, you know.

Alchemy is its own rite of passage for any individual who chooses it. It's a multi-modality and multi-dimensional experience. Combining ancient practices and principles of healing and activation to merge with modern modalities of awareness and integration.

We bring together a team of exceptional facilitators who are all masters of their craft, honour their ancestors' lineages and sacredness and are not simply qualified but also experienced. Our facilitators hold a combined 150 years + of experience and wisdom. Rest assured, you are in safe, seasoned and capable hands.

Men's July 2022 Alchemy Retreat is SOLD OUT

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You Will :

  • Transform the fear of failure and pride to purpose and mission
  • Learn conscious communication and dialogue to allow for honest expression and space holding.
  • Shift patterns of people-pleasing, care-taking and self-abandonment to healthy boundaries and healthy interdependence in relationships.
  • Discover and re-write patterns of unhealthy protection and projection, deflection of responsibility, suppression of expression.
  • Move from frustration, impatience and self-doubt to inner spaciousness, devotion and personal power.
  • Learn embodied tools and practices needed to uphold structures that sustain your vitality, willpower and drive for life.
  • Reconnect with a power rooted in purpose instead of power over others with domination, control or force. 
  • Develop the skill of emotional regulation, processing and purging both from the past and present time. 
  • Cultivate the art of self-nourishment through accessing your feminine essence within the self, the earth, life, and spirit and reverence its essence in others.

Alchemy Inclusions Beginning to End

  • Four days and three nights at a Luxury Accommodation in the Sunshine Coast
  • In house chef with organic whole food diet
  • Pre retreat cleanse program
  • Integration video series and program
  • A 1-month online forum with 24/7 support from facilitators
  • Four live online masterclasses by facilitators
During The Retreat

Five workshops covering central topics:

  • Masculine Purpose and Feminine Flow
  • Healing, Embodiment, and Self Leadership
  • Presence, Integrity, Ownership and Service
  • Relationship of Self to Self, Self to Other, Self to Earth and Self to Spirit 
  • Devotion and Personal Practice

Workshops and Ceremonies

  • An opening ceremony to create an astounding container of support and safety during the retreat
  • Sweat lodge ceremony
  • Strong daily hatha yoga practice
  • Daily breathwork sessions for each: performance, emotional release and priming the nervous system
  • Traditional Brazillian Incantaria body, rhythm, dance, and movement workshop
  • Therapeutic breathwork journeys
  • Partner and group emotional purification processes
  • Ice bath and cold exposure practice
  • Soul retrieval, inner child and regression processes
  • Fasted hinterland hike
  • Cathartic circle work
  • Ceremonial Rapeh
  • Meditation and sound sessions
  • Soundscapes and vibrational healing
  • Noble silence and integration time
  • Feminine embodiment practices
  • Masculine embodiment practices
  • Implementation into rituals, integration and continued growth moving forward.

Bonus Inclusions

  • Lifetime access to your Alchemy Brotherhood community
  • Lifetime access to recourses, tools and practices poset-retreat including re-entering relationships and over 15+ guided practices and techniques for routines and rituals
  • 1 Year access to THRIVE online complete mind-body-emotions wellbeing program (10 modules, 63 videos, 20+ done for you tools and techniques + 21-day challenge)

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We shape each retreat to the needs of the men attending. We have up to eight facilitators, three main ones who will guide you the entire time and others who move in and out and hang on the wings to support you each step of the way.

Your Team, Facilitators and Support Crew

Amber Hawken

I reverence our natural ability to emotionally and mentally self heal and spiritually actualise. In all I do, I aim to restore in each person this innate intelligence. For the last decade, I have facilitated thousands of people in live and online spaces through deep personal healing, spiritual reconnection and grounding their creative potential in life, career and relationships. After leaving the medical field ten years ago, I explored ancient cultures, different dimensions and bridged east and west. With a pragmatic mind and a country girl spirit, I have a unique blend of practical and down to earth approaches to the arena of therapy, embodied healing, integration, energy and consciousness. The more formal parts of my qualifications include:
A Bachelor of Medical Science, A Diploma of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Deep State Re-Patterning Therapist, Functional Breathwork Practitioner, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Pranayama Teacher and a Practitioner of The Melchizedek Method.

Beanie Tompkins

I am a qualified Kinesiologist, Rehab Trainer, Sound Healer, Teacher and Mentor. It is my Dharma in this lifetime to assist as many beautiful humans as possible to not only see their truth, their worth, their greatness. But also to live in a no-bullshit, unapologetic, caring, compassionate and mostly wholesome, awakened life! I’m talking about a life where you live without anxiety, self-doubt or the words of others swimming around in your head. Through my personal healing of previously unprocessed abuse and 20 years of anxiety that I flipped and transformed, I have gone on to support over 2,000 people to live a balanced life in alignment with their truest potential.

Stacey Tarleton

Head Chef, Gwinganna Health Retreat Executive

Reanna Meuleman

Acupuncturist / Founder of Being Co, BHSc Acu
My strength as a practitioner has come from learning directly from many amazing practitioners as the transfer of skill and subtle details are best learnt directly from others rather than books.Although I’ve worked incredibly hard throughout my journey, it’s thanks to these people, I owe a great deal of my learning, appreciation and understanding of this profound traditional medicine. I will be at Alchemy as an unbiased and honest support, ear that listens, reflections that are designed to remind you of your wisdom and a bridge between facilitator and attendee.

Aprill Carett

April is our honcho/chief/managing director. There is no chaos that she cannot turn into organised calm. With over 15 years experience in the project management and administration space, April is skilled in team organisation, and getting the job done. April excels in bringing the best out of a team in order to maximise efficiencies and planning, to bring a project back into the black and back on schedule.

Ryan Pope

I’m a Neural Structural Chiropractor, Mne’s Mentor and Wellbeing Advocate.

Laurel and Andy Hefferon

Sweat Lodge Facilitator, Medicine Man, Musician, Mentor and Healer

Naturopath – Herbalist – Clarity Breathwork Practitioner – Colonic Hydrotherapist – Workshop facilitator – Reiki Master & Energy healer – Ka Huna Bodyworker – ExRegistered Nurse with >30yrs in the clinical setting of interventional cardiology & post anaesthetic care

Awakening Centre Sacred Sweat lodge ceremonies are based on ancient Lakota rituals with added elements coming from a variety of Shamanic and meditation traditions.

Kurt Iwaina

My name is Kurt Iwanina and I am a meditation teacher, intuitive energy and sound healer, musician, spiritual mentor, reiki practitioner and earth warrior. I work from a space of love, compassion and deep respect and honour for all life. In all my workshops, classes and ceremonies I pay my respects to our beautiful Mother Earth, to Great Spirit and source of all creation.

Adam Kavanagh

I’ve spent the last 4 years travelling Australia, living off grid practising survival hunting and primitive skills which lead me to feature in Discovery Channels’ Naked and Afraid – Africa. After years of thyroid problems and other health issues. I slowly began to strip my life back and started to return to a more primal way of living. Returning to nature has changed my life and helped me recover my health. I’m is a living breathing experiment of what it looks and feels like when we strip everything back to the basics and I now want to share my journey and help people rewild and reconnect with nature.

Josiane Santos

I’m a Brazilian artist born in Minas Gerais. She I’m the founder, heart, and face behind Incantaria projects, my art is gracefully expressed through movement and her knowledge of Afro-Brazilian culture, History, Mythology, Esoteric Astrology, Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts), and Spirituality. I have a very authentic way to integrate my journey and understanding of life into the work I do. My presence is powerful yet gentle, majestic yet humble. My work, besides being a contribution to genuine human connection, is a beautiful and purposeful service to the world.

Ian Cariaga

My focus is to help guide those who are willing to make a conscious movement towards making change and to extend the knowledge that has been passed onto me from my gurus and teachers over the last 26 years. I am willing to share that wisdom with anyone that is open to the science of yoga – the art of acquiring the utmost state of your body, mind, and conscious.

Accommodation Details

Luxury Accommodation, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Application Process and Investment

Alchemy's application process has five simple steps:

  • Complete some questions about yourself and your reasons for wanting to attend Alchemy. 
  • Book in a short call to go over your answers and ask any questions you may have (goes over investment options). 
  • Receive a PDF and audio that unpacks the retreat in detail before you speak to us. 
  • Jump on a call with Amber (or one of our facilitators) to ensure this is well aligned and answer any questions you may have. 
  • Secure your spot.

Acknowledgment of Country

We recognise the continuous and deep connection to Country of Aboriginal people as the first peoples of this nation. In this way we respectfully acknowledge the Custodians of this land, sea and sky. We pay tribute to the Elders past and present and also respect the collective ancestry that has brought us all here today. It is a privilege to be present on Country and we hope that our work supports this land, sea and spirit.