EP4 Mark Groves | The Uncensored Truth About Love, Intimacy and Relationships | BU Podcast

We are wired for love and connection – get it in the right place

This was amazing.

My favourite interview – ever. I learnt bucket loads and it was very much a ‘shoot the shit’ kind of chat with this incredibly wise man, Mark Groves, about love.

His clients range from businesses and leaders, to couples and individuals. I help each person understand their emotional matrix by mastering themselves through their words.


A couple of the many points Mark delves into:

  • Three levels of love, what they all look like and how to arrive there
    • Co-dependant
    • “I don’t need one” (guarded)
    • Independent and fulfilling
  • How to break defence/criticise cycles in relationships do you do not end up in a “shit storm”
  • Breaking toxic relationship patterns
  • What makes a polyamorous relationship work/not work
  • Mirroring each others childhood wounds and how we blame incorrectly
  • How to cultivate lasting, fulfilling monogamous relationships
  • Love and partnerships as a spiritual journey
  • Marriage – re-defined
  • Erectile disfunction – yes I just wrote that correctly – and intimacy

You can connect with Mark  here:

W: www.markgroves.tv

IG: @createthelove

And, don’t bloody forget to just be you.



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