Enhancing Your Ability To Manifest | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Vlog

Manifestation is less about the mind and all about your vibration. 

Our ability to manifest is less about working harder, and more about ensuring we have our personal energetic battery SuperCharged with inner vitality, fulfillment and presence.

When we are clear on what we want, instead of getting stuck in the “how”, we can begin to visualise, see, hear, feel and affirm the possibility to permission and belief that this reality is available here and now.

It shifts us into a state of receptivity, innovative inspiration and supports us to take action on opportunities we either didn’t see before or would have otherwise sabotaged.

This is SuperCharged; a live and online coaching program I run a few times a year.


This video is from one of our Sovereign Space events.

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Do you believe it’s possible to “manifest” through your energy, or is it all about the hard work? Comment below 🙂


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