Some words from my awesome clients


Jessica Laid,Client

Amber has an amazing ability to help you connect you to your inner self and your core existence. She is able to help you identify and break down the barriers that you have created and accepted and provide you the tools to help build and move forward. She does this in a beautifully honest and caring way to encourage you that it is hard but your are amazing. Amber helped me move from a place of unhappiness and aloneness to embracing me. She has helped me control my emotions and thoughts to change my life.

Leah Musch ,Nutrition Coach

At Amber’s Breakthrough event at Bonfire, she pushed me to almost every limit I had created for myself. During the day I’d constantly be caught out despite believing I am a fairly self aware person. She is a mentor of mentors. The methods she uses are subtly powerful and to the point. She is assertive without being pushy; I always feel safe with her firm honesty, respect and encouragement. She is not only my coach but also my mentor and I would HIGHLY recommend Amber, you’ll never look back.

Dr Laura Elliott (D.C.) ,Chiropractor and Yoga Teacher

I have been fortunate to both be mentored by and invited work side by side with Amber Hawken at events. Amber has a unique ability to not only target transformation of your physical self, but also in building the strength and confidence to really step up and take control of your life to shine. The information Amber offers challenges your beliefs and helps tackle “bad” habits and turns them into action. My experiences with her have helped shape my life from the inside out and I’ve never been more focused and empowered. Your rock sister!

Lana Turner,Event Graduate

Amber has the most captivating presence. On stage, a group setting or one on one you can’t help but listen to what Amber has to say. She speaks with such honesty and strength it brings you up, makes you want to share your own honesty and that are you strong enough to do so. I have been so blessed to listen to Amber, so inspired by the way she talks, to actually make the changes in my own life so I can live as Authentically as possible!  Thank you Amber!

Brooke Muir,Event Graduate and Coaching Client

Amber has the ability to make everyone in a room whether it be 20 or 300 feel important and comfortable within themselves and around others. The way Amber approaches all subjects throughout any event is smooth and easy enough transition for everyone to understand which I personally think is great for first attendees because the information can quickly become overwhelming. The one thing I personally love about Amber is that she is always approachable and has the ability to help everyone realise they are important and worthy of the personal growth they are trying to achieve.

Ellen Travassaros,Coaching Client

Amber has this incredible way of awakening your soul, inspiring you to take control of your life and to own every inch of who you are.

Lauren Dionysius,Event Graduate and Coaching Client

Amber’s powerfully animated speaking presence infuses my soul deeply with her message, inspiring me from the inside out, while empowering me through passion and straight talking authenticity.