Some words from my awesome clients


Dr. Jeremy Goldberg – Author, Coach, Speaker

As an expert in behaviour change, I understand and appreciate the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness in cultivating a fulfilled and meaningful life. It's a big deal, and daily rituals such as meditation are crucial components.  Getting kids involved in these habits early and often strikes me as a pragmatic and positive investment in their futures, but in Australia's as well. I know Amber well, and her work is the real deal. I'm excited for the upcoming festival, and even more excited for the future we are all creating together.  

Jess Williams – Intuitive Coach and NLP Practitioner

As a coach, mother and someone who has had anxiety rule my life, I can’t speak highly enough of the benefits of a calm mind. Mindfulness, meditation and personal development have absolutely transformed my world. I truly believe that EVERYONE will benefit from learning the simple and life changing tools that Amber has to share. She puts her heart, soul, mind, body and ZEST for life into EVERYTHING she creates. She connects with adults and children by meeting them where they are at and showing up in a way that is going to serve them in the best way for ... Read More

Belinda Pasfield – Coaching and Alchemy Retreat Client

It is really hard to describe or put into words just how much working with Amber has changed my life, my mind and my soul. With her knowledge and guidance I challenge myself, I motivate my own behaviour and I am the messy human and unfuckwithable version of me that I am – I love that!!! Being part of the retreat and working with Amber was the scariest, bravest and most worthwhile thing I have ever committed to.  Real and accountable,  in a supported group of individual people with AMAZING support staff.  Our group exercise on unconditional love had a ... Read More

Rebecca Riley – Coaching and Alchemy Retreat Client

Working with Amber this year has been fundamentally life changing. I don’t make that statement lightly, but it’s the biggest and best investment I have made in myself to date. I came into working with Amber thinking I had a pretty good level of self-awareness and understanding, but it was all taken up several notches during our coaching calls together. Amber has a unique ability to see though your bullsh*t and help you identify the root causes of what’s going on. Because of the deep level Amber works at with her clients, I feel like the changes I have made are ... Read More

Dr Polly McGee – Author of The Good Hustle, Entrepreneur Educator and Digital Strategist

Amber's work with students and teachers through Calm Mind Project is nothing short of transformational. Her ability to hold a space for participants with respect and vulnerability, the construction and journey of content to ensure that key messages are allowed to land without heavy handedness, all of this is delivered by Amber on a stage with hundreds, or in a classroom of 30. The necessity of Calm Mind Project has never been more urgent for the whole ecosystem of humans that influence a child's life. What Amber has created should be core learning for anyone who seeks to empower themselves ... Read More

Julie Goldie – Private Client

I loved my sessions with Amber. Her authenticity and knowledge about the human mind was what made me first take an interest in Amber’s work. When I first spoke with Amber I was impressed with her honesty and willingness to relate to me. I loved that she listened openly but didn’t let me use my usual bullshit excuses. She allowed me to peel back layers of myself and get to the core of my true self and work through some of the old belief patterns. I would highly recommend Amber’s sessions. She has this knack of digging out exactly what ... Read More

Saraya Kirby – Coaching and Alchemy Retreat Client

Attending Amber’s Alchemy retreat had a fabulous effect on my mind, body and soul. I went having only meditated on a couple of occasions, with a body that was letting me down both functionally and mentally. I was surrounded by people that had different goals and understandings in regards to mental health and mindfulness. While on the retreat I worked through many patterns and wounds that had been holding me back and learned where to start in my meditation journey. Since coming back I have a passion for my mental wellness and giving myself space to feel and surrender. I ... Read More

Linda Hiscox – Coaching and Alchemy Retreat Client

I found my tribe of unconditional support at the Alchemy Retreat - I found ME! I forgave ME! I learned a new way of life and I love it!

Kristi Ord – Event Organiser Real Food Revolution + Entrepenuer

Amber is an incredible speaker. She is highly professional and her quality of work is exceptional. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a speaker to light up the energy of an audience, create instant connection and engagement and hold a room throughout an entire presentation. Additional to her content being life-changing, Amber is charismatic and goes above and beyond. She really cares about what she does and her expertise and experience shines through her work. The audiences were beyond wowed and we received more positive feedback from her presentation than all the speakers combined. As an event organiser, ... Read More

Chelsea Freeman – Private Client

Before seeing Amber, I was living with over 20 years of repressed trauma, that I had ineffectively managed with unhealthy coping mechanisms including abusing food and other toxic patterns that always appeared to get me through. I was a quitter, a half-arser.  My first session saw a complete revelation in regard to my childhood trauma, it was delicately managed and communicated about in a way that allowed me to feel through the entire experience and regain power and control, unlike any psych or counsellor has ever been able to touch on in the past. This was raw, refreshing, and beautiful. The following day ... Read More

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