Some words from my awesome clients


Sophie Janda – Coaching and Retreat Client

Before I felt nervous, but ready for change. It was a massive roller coaster! But my life has now been filled with calmness, peace & freedom. It's a worthwhile investment for your whole life experience. Why wouldn't you take the opportunity?!

Natasha Selvadurai – Coaching and Retreat Client

I feel truly blessed to have found Amber on Instagram, choosing to work with her has changed my literal life in so many incredibly inspiring ways. It's so natural to feel the initial hesitation of the full weight of getting this kind of help and of course I felt this way on initiating her services - to make the commitment and investment in myself. But I chose myself, I invested in myself: because this is my life, in this body, in this lifetime, there are no second chances to live your best life - this is it. She's put air ... Read More

Anna Raymond – Alchemy Retreat Client

Before working with Amber I felt nervous as I'd heard so many good things and knew she'd take me to places I may not want to go... We have been the BEST experience ever! We've been to some dark places, but she's supported me throughout and empowered me with tools to take myself on this journey to find my self! Finding more of my tribe was the biggest surprise on this journey! Attending Amber's retreat, I went with the intention of working on myself... but I didn't think I would meet so many soul sisters, all on this same journey that ... Read More

Suzanne O’Connor – Coaching Client

I cannot adequately word just how very grateful I am to have had Amber Hawken cross my path. I have been trying to think of the appropriate adjectives to describe just how much impact and beautiful life adjustments she has permitted for me and no word that I know comes close to accurately and thoroughly describing this. All I can say is what a beautiful, organic, knowledgeable, passionate, intelligent, articulate, engaging, encouraging and magical spirit Amber is. Her wisdom is beyond her time on this earth, her desire to educate and encourage are incomparable to any I’ve known and her ... Read More

Jacinta Sloan – Coaching client

Working with amber was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever done. She is just the most inspiring person I have ever met, and it was well worth the investment to work with her.

Kate Page – Regional Training Manager, East & North Region

I recently attended a workshop led by Amber at a lululemon ambassador retreat. Having been at lululemon for 6 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend many personal development workshops. Amber was unique amongst those that I’ve experienced before. She is engaging, funny as hell and calls you on your bs. Her work is relevant and  meaningful .From her session I’ve accessed new mindful ways that have supported me in sitting with uncomfortable emotions and embracing “the suck” when needed. Three hours with her was an amazing rollercoaster – one minute I was exploring the depths of my emotions, the ... Read More

Anthony Bartolo – Owner of ACTV Fitness Gold Coast

I was lucky enough to work with Amber at the recent Lululemon Retreat. It was like she held up a mirror and made me aware of the self talk and the habitual behaviours I was engaging in that were holding me back. It gave me the green light to accept things that I’d spent so long fighting or criticising myself for. I was spending so much time worrying about the past or future and was not engaging in the present! I always thought I was not the “type of person” who does meditation. How wrong I was! We are ALL ... Read More

Jess Kraushar – Regional Manager Queensland, lululemon athletica

We hired Amber to facilitate at a corporate influencers retreat we ran. Not only was she an absolute pleasure to work with in the lead up to the event, the content she delivered was game changing. We had a diverse mix of men and women from all different backgrounds and professions, and she was able to connect authentically to them and deliver a session that really opened them up to a new way of thinking. All of my participants were raving about how much they could relate to all of her content and apply the learnings to their lives immediately. ... Read More

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg – Author, Coach, Speaker

As an expert in behaviour change, I understand and appreciate the importance of self-awareness and mindfulness in cultivating a fulfilled and meaningful life. It's a big deal, and daily rituals such as meditation are crucial components.  Getting kids involved in these habits early and often strikes me as a pragmatic and positive investment in their futures, but in Australia's as well. I know Amber well, and her work is the real deal. I'm excited for the upcoming festival, and even more excited for the future we are all creating together.  

Jess Williams – Intuitive Coach and NLP Practitioner

As a coach, mother and someone who has had anxiety rule my life, I can’t speak highly enough of the benefits of a calm mind. Mindfulness, meditation and personal development have absolutely transformed my world. I truly believe that EVERYONE will benefit from learning the simple and life changing tools that Amber has to share. She puts her heart, soul, mind, body and ZEST for life into EVERYTHING she creates. She connects with adults and children by meeting them where they are at and showing up in a way that is going to serve them in the best way for ... Read More