Some words from my awesome clients


Agnes Kruze – Alchemy Retreat Client

I was familiar with some psychological and spiritual approaches on how to heal after trauma and did some work on it already and thought I was managing it ok. But somehow I felt completely stuck and held back by old patterns. I was still looking for something and didn’t know what it was. I chose Alchemy purely based on intuition.. and my intuition was right. We need real “hands on body work” and connection with others to get to that next step and break through. So Alchemy was the turning point and moment of enlightenment I was after. I started ... Read More

Zina Sciacca – Alchemy Retreat Client

I loved that my sisters were so real. There was no bullshitting that we took a magic pill and everything is completely better after our 4 days together. I wrote notes - but my main takeaway was feeling the depth of our emotions so that we are able to move through them. Thankyou to everyone ❤️

Debra Harris – Alchemy Retreat Client

I knew that there had to be a day that felt like an exorcist and this certainly feels like it!!!

Bec FitzGerald – Alchemy Retreat Client

I’d been looking for something to do for myself but I wasn’t sure what I needed. Alchemy turned out to be exactly it. From the moment I read Amber’s mission I knew. A safe supported space to be heard, loved, held and reminded of the power of breath, connection and presence. The collaboration of activities and the wisdom of the facilitators has centered my soul and projected me along a path of self acceptance, self love and to mindfully walk each day with so much gratitude, joy and love. What a remarkable experience - invest in you - do it ... Read More

Amber Jade – Alchemy Retreat Client

When I first came across Alchemy it was like, it called me. I registered on the spot without really knowing what it was and I never looked back. Going to Alchemy felt like coming home to myself. It’s a reminder of the wisdom I already hold deep within and have somehow forgotten. Amber and the team manage to create a container that simultaneously pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of and while also filling me with a profound sense of peace and joy. I would recommend Alchemy to anyone who feels ready to meet themselves and rediscover ... Read More

Emma K R-Hynes – Alchemy Retreat Client

Alchemy.....hmmmm, you will know in your heart that you are meant to go. You just need to quiet the mind, love yourself that little bit more and dive in. To me it is the best of humanity. To be held, seen, and unconditionally loved for all that you are, for all that you have always been. My wish for my children and my children's children is Alchemy is gifted to them as part of their initiation to adulthood when they leave high school. Everyone should be reminded of their own wholeness and Alchemy is where you will find it. All ... Read More

Esta Konti – Alchemy Retreat Client

I was drawn to the Alchemy Retreat earlier this year and I am now literally sitting in the magic afterwards, reflecting on the absolute magnitude of the impact on my soul journey. It is a transformation, it is heart and soul expansion, it is miraculous. To describe it will not do any justice. It is an experience. And you will never be the same! To the incredible facilitator Amber, your gift to the world is joy to be seen, held and safe. Beanie and Kurt divinely guide all participants to open up and be real. We came together as individuals, ... Read More

Ruby Sidhu – Alchemy Retreat Client

Magic happens at Alchemy Retreat because Amber and her team drive the forces to bring everyone home. A home full of love, healing and compassion. I chose this retreat to see myself through different lenses and feel the beauty of life. Well, the results are undefined. At retreat you find different people with different personalities but at the end of the retreat you can feel your divine soul connected with others. It is an incredible experience of enlightenment of mind, body and soul. You entered a magical land and you walked away by finding yourself and purpose of life. Thank ... Read More

Leila Dylla – Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and Coach

Ambers brilliant guidance naturally pulls my most creative Self forward and confidently into the world. She has evoked inspiration from within my heart, and given me the tools I needed to surrender to the flow of life as my vision expands. I have felt encouraged, supported, and deeply inspired by her work and guidance along my path. I trust myself, my offering, and life more than I ever have, knowing that my unique expression is here to change the world. Be warned: Only dive with Amber, if you're ready to set your Heart and life on FIRE!

Jess Lord – School Teacher

Just thank you so much for opening up my world and pointing me in the direction I've been waiting to connect to. Words can't describe how it has changed my life. Amazing. Grateful. Loved. I now trust myself and I have the tools to work through any challenges! Thank you for helping me live my best life. You are fucking priceless and I love you.  The whole experience is life-changing. Words I'd use to describe it - love- bliss- surrender - let go - growth - support - sisterhood -alive. (About the Alchemy retreat).