Some words from my awesome clients


Leila Dylla – Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and Coach

Ambers brilliant guidance naturally pulls my most creative Self forward and confidently into the world. She has evoked inspiration from within my heart, and given me the tools I needed to surrender to the flow of life as my vision expands. I have felt encouraged, supported, and deeply inspired by her work and guidance along my path. I trust myself, my offering, and life more than I ever have, knowing that my unique expression is here to change the world. Be warned: Only dive with Amber, if you're ready to set your Heart and life on FIRE!

Jess Lord – School Teacher

Just thank you so much for opening up my world and pointing me in the direction I've been waiting to connect to. Words can't describe how it has changed my life. Amazing. Grateful. Loved. I now trust myself and I have the tools to work through any challenges! Thank you for helping me live my best life. You are fucking priceless and I love you.  The whole experience is life-changing. Words I'd use to describe it - love- bliss- surrender - let go - growth - support - sisterhood -alive. (About the Alchemy retreat).

Tracy Kent – Naturopath and Founder of The Embodiment Centre

Before I started coaching with Amber I was controlled by every thought that entered my mind. I believed that other people were responsible for the way I was feeling. I spent a lot of time talking and thinking about the stories that I was creating about my life. Moments of joy became the yardstick against which I measured my unhappiness. Amber is so incredibly relatable. After working with Amber I have learnt how to recognise the stories and to let them pass by. When the curve balls roll my way, I meet them with presence. Moments of joy, bring more joy. Feelings are ... Read More

Anita – Yoga Teacher and Energy Healer

The thing is... there are NO words that can truly describe Amber Hawken... you must EXPERIENCE be~ing in her commanding, courageous & compassionate presence! For journeying with this extremely bold and beautiful sister of sacredness is positively life~altering, heart~enriching and soul~awakening. So blessed are we for this Guardian lighting our Way.

The Sovereign Space Client

The impact of this day, I cannot really put into words. The feeling I have is like I have found my own beautiful matrix, my truth, my heightened reality with no noise, no distraction, no shame - just calm and spectacularly rich clarity. Like all my senses are super powered and alive again, not hiding behind anything or anyone. Amber and Kurt, I will literally be forever grateful!

The Sovereign Space Client

I just wanted to say thank you so much for an incredible workshop yesterday! Needless to say I was blown away.. That made me burst into tears! It's EXACTLY what I needed to hear, without even realising. So powerful.. Thanks again for an amazing, poignant experience.

The Sovereign Space Client

I finally feel like I understand more about opening my heart, I felt so loved and held. I just want to thank you again so much for helping me to feel safe and okay after the workshop was over. You're amazing Amber and have the most beautiful heart.

The Sovereign Space Client

I took away a sense of raw honesty with myself, a real personal level of accountability that I was pussy-footing around. I also saw my true nature of perseverance and the courage to dive deeper. I experienced a multitude of physical sensations and I surrendered to them all equally. Thank you so much for providing this day.

Jacel Dunn – Alchemy Retreat Client

Before the Alchemy retreat I didn't know how I felt - I was disconnected from myself, my family, my friends & fully emerged in my work. During the 4 day retreat I trusted the process and let go of any expectations... I learnt to truly connect with myself and feel again! Now that I'm back in daily routine I'm able to use the tools I learnt whilst on the retreat and I'm seeing them make a massive difference to my life! Going in, I was nervous of the amount of time, energy & money needed to be invested - now, ... Read More

Sarah Zarew – Alchemy Retreat Client

Before Amber's workshop I had had several coaching sessions - and while I felt I was understanding what Amber was saying, it wasn't until the retreat that I knew I understood it. Sharing this experience with eight other woman can not be undervalued. The facilitators all had their own strengths and Amber was the Pied Piper leading us through each experience while making sure  something valuable was shared, felt and exposed each time. It was like she was the musical conductor who led us on a magical but emotionally charged discovery of self. If you are feeling called to this work, ... Read More

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