Its been a long f#cking day

If you are sensitive to profanity, particularly the work, ‘fuck’, do not listen to this. It’s a meditation with a few fucks in it. 

It includes a few breathing techniques to down-regulate your mind, body and emotions and actuate homesostatis and shift your body back towards healing and rejuvenation. (Safe for any age and no contraindications).

But I did it after a really long fucking day as a mother, so it’s a little tongue in cheek and playful at the beginning,  while still being very effective. 

You know, those days that feel like the universe glitched, and there were multiple days in that day? That day was also tough, and the long hard day felt like it was helping you discover just how far your edge really is, and it pushed you past it and figured, nah, you got more, and it did it again? And you’re begging, but you’re too immersed in the long fucking day to actually feel the intensity of the overwhelm, stress, frustration and exhaustion running through your veins?

Yeh, well, that kinda day sets you up for a really fucked sleep coz’ you’re in total overdrive. I recorded this process for you, you don’t have to think, and I demand that you lay on your back and receive.

Yes, receive. I’ll guide you through a few different simple breathing techniques to hijack the autonomic nervous system by breathing a particular way that restores homeostasis and healing. We will do our best to reverse the shit storm of go-go chemical juice raging through your system and set your mind-body system up for decompression.

We will move through a bit of soma-surrender (body relaxation) before coding in some subconscious re-patterning to ensure you integrate goodness into your mind, not worry, stress and whatever the fuck else that overdrive state has been stimulating throughout the day.

My intention is that you, my dear legendary mother-fucker, get into a state of receiving so the law of reciprocity can have you filling back up your less-than-an-empty bucket and supercharging your mind, body and vibration to a harmonious, positive and empowered vibe for both sleep and your following day.

You can listen to the 20 minute meditation below. 

It’s Been a Long Fucking Day Meditation

With love,


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  1. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. You’re a gosh darn superstar Amber Hawken.

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