Want to gain 100% more clarity and confidence on your purpose and life direction in 2019, with actionable takeaways that fill your soul, body, bank account and life?


Life 2.0 is two days of


expand powerfully, feel incredible

from within.

A place to shift paradigms and transform beyond recognition.

Basically, if it doesn’t align, it needs to go.

No to the grind, scarcity, struggle or hustle.

End putting out the fires of stress, anxiety, repeat sabotages and disempowering belief systems.

And yes to flow, creativity, ease and aligned momentum.

Two days immersed with a small group of powerful women who are ready to open up, turn up the heat and make big changes.

Face to face, in a lush and intimate environment.

Join Amber Hawken for

Life 2.0

2nd - 3rd February 2019

A Two Day Workshop | Gold Coast, Australia

Know this; I will never give you the answers. Ever.

Because I'm not you and I will only guide you to play in the realms of what feels most aligned and effortless for you.

This way, you will feel more alive, energised and inspired than ever, and ready to turn up the heat and move to your next level.

I work with those who are willing, open and a little nervous because they know change is upon them and sometimes, to the ego, that can be intimidating.

If you are a woman who no longer wants to wait or has no intention of withholding your gifts, zero tolerance for fluff or small talk, and you're ready to act on what you desire and know is possible - then this is perfect for you.

This is designed for those who are used to supporting others but are excited to open up in a space of powerful, supportive and heart driven beings.



What you'll need: Yourself, a notebook, pen and a nourishing lunch.

Snacks, hydration and hugs over the two days provided.

If you live outside of the Gold Coast, you'll also need a comfy place to stay overnight.

In addition to the 2 day workshop, you will get:

  • Access to Amber on VOXER (audio communication app) for two weeks post event for support.
  • Access to Amber’s online Resilience program
  • Lifetime access to a private and intimate facebook group of change makers
  • Connection and networking with a powerful group of women
  • A signed copy of Amber’s book The Unfu*kwithable Life

To ensure everyone gets the support they need over the two days, spaces are VERY limited. Currently only 7 spots remaining.

"It is really hard to describe or put into words just how much working with Amber has changed my life, my mind and my soul. With her knowledge and guidance I challenge myself, I motivate my own behaviour and I am the messy human and unfuckwithable version of me that I am – I love that!!!

Being part of the retreat and working with Amber was the scariest, bravest and most worthwhile thing I have ever committed to. Real and accountable, in a supported group of individual people with AMAZING support staff. Our group exercise on unconditional love had a profound effect on me, no bullshit and raw – it simply took my breath away.

Would I do it all over again?….. You betcha!! It was the best decision of my life."

Belinda Pasfield

"Working with Amber this year has been fundamentally life changing. I don’t make that statement lightly, but it’s the biggest and best investment I have made in myself to date. I came into working with Amber thinking I had a pretty good level of self-awareness and understanding, but it was all taken up several notches during our coaching calls together. Amber has a unique ability to see though your bullsh*t and help you identify the root causes of what’s going on.

Because of the deep level Amber works at with her clients, I feel like the changes I have made are sustainable and long-lasting, because they are rooted in my core truths and values. It’s not easy work, stripping back layers of beliefs and ideas that no longer serve, but it’s also ultimately rewarding and living a life of purpose, truth and acceptance."

Rebecca Riley

"Attending Amber’s Alchemy retreat had a fabulous effect on my mind, body and soul. I went having only meditated on a couple of occasions, with a body that was letting me down both functionally and mentally. I was surrounded by people that had different goals and understandings in regards to mental health and mindfulness. While on the retreat I worked through many patterns and wounds that had been holding me back and learned where to start in my meditation journey. Since coming back I have a passion for my mental wellness and giving myself space to feel and surrender. I have also gained a connection with an amazing group of supportive and inspirational people who have enabled me to feel more connected to society as a whole."

Saraya Kirby



















It’s a space and time to shift all negative, doubting and fear based thought patterns that prevent you from moving from great to elite.

The Set Up:

Think spacious, comfortable and cosy in an open group, each on their own part of a comfy couch. Close enough to reach out and touch another with enough room to be in your own process and change.

There is no ‘step by step’ that we follow, because you are not someone who fits into a program. The program, dear, is you.

We show up with the intention of deep change and we address each person's blocks while receiving both healing and coaching as we open, listen and work through foundations and universal principles that unfold in the moments of one to one breakthroughs.

My clients' versions of ‘success’ vary - a lot.

The next level for each person is unique and personalised. Sometimes they’re someone struggling to decide on whether to leave their job or not, to then beginning their own business that profits upward of 20K a month.

Other times they go from being in a 10 year depressive period with diabetes to successfully training and graduating as a pilot (life dream).

Sometimes I get single mothers who have disabled children, who place themselves last who then shift their entire perspective of reality about what’s possible and find themselves in a deeply supportive and loving relationship months later.

And then there are those climbing the ladder in powerful companies who have been finding their life outwardly successful but inwardly empty, who untangle their stories and re-align to thrive both inside and out.

Whatever 'success' means to you is exactly what we'll be working through, together, during these two days.


"I found my tribe of unconditional support at the Alchemy Retreat - I found ME! I forgave ME! I learned a new way of life and I love it!"

Linda Hiscox

"Amber has this knack of digging out exactly what you need. I love her energy and the way she supports and cheers you on through every win. Everyone needs an Amber in their corner, coaching them to live their best life."

Julie Goldie

"With Amber, you can be you, you can be real and feel 100% supported the entire way, she has been an incredible blessing in my life."

Chelsea Freeman

Whats the Investment?

‘Priceless. I would pay this amount 10 times over for the results I’ve had in my life.’ - Past clients.

Investing in YOU is not only a lifelong return on investment, it yields transformation in yourself beyond recognition.


Pay In Full

(save $130)



2 Day Workshop

Snacks, hydration and hugs provided.

Access to Amber on VOXER for 2 weeks post event

Access to Amber’s online Resilience program

Lifetime access to facebook group

Signed copy of Amber’s book The Unfu*kwithable Life

Payment Plan

(four instalments of $280)



2 Day Workshop

Snacks, hydration and hugs provided.

Access to Amber on VOXER for 2 weeks post event

Access to Amber’s online Resilience program

Lifetime access to facebook group

Signed copy of Amber’s book The Unfu*kwithable Life


Spaces are VERY limited

- only 7 spots left. 

So, rock on, love. I’m ready - by now, you must be too. Let’s do it.