Letting Legacy Lead and Energy Generate | Amber Hawken | Holistic Behavioural Therapy

When legacy drives, energy thrives…

Are you someone who values both effectiveness and efficiency?

What about love and purpose?

Is there such thing as the proper priority, or is it an individual choice?

I’ve asked myself these questions for a very long time.

I’ve learned the hard way about the drive from scarcity. 

I’ve learned a beautiful practice of driving from overflow. 

I have tasted my tears when I get somewhere I planned well, and I get there fast but have felt empty.

I have also felt ecstatic when I throw out the plan and create more than I could have dreamed, and it felt effortless along the way.

I have danced between all of these many times.

This video is an in-depth explanation coupled with some questions that, if you sit down and take it seriously without doubt or cynicism sabotaging possibility, will change the way you relate to creating, generating and receiving for the rest of your life.

Letting Legacy Lead and Energy Generate is about looking 25 years ahead, living from a place within you that does not buy into limitations, rules or the energy of scarcity. Instead, we see and feel at what it looks like to live from your greatest potential. 

It is also practical, challenging and adventurous.

When you are willing to include energetics as part of the plan, you tap into a stream of ideas, problem-solving, innovation and inspiration far greater than even the greatest of air-tight plans.

Co-creation means you are not alone in the creative process. That is supported and propelled by a powerful source we can all tap into. 

It also supports you to become fiercely and confidently discerning. In other words, you back yourself and trust your path implicitly. 

Watch the video; please comment below on what resonates most with you. 

You can take yourself through this process with the questions below. 

Please remember, I didn’t make this up. No one did. 

Sure, there is a structure around it that is unique to me. But the universal principles are alive in you and always have been. 

That feeling of *yes* when you watch or listen to someone is the part of you that already *knew*. 

Don’t forget how powerful and capable you are right now. 

Practice. Give yourself at least 30 minutes – minimum. Time alone, space just for this to flow. If you are feeling stressed, give this 10 minute coherence breath practice a go. It will calm your mind. Then, dive in.

If you lived every day of your life from this moment onward at a 10/10 of your potential that is innate, unique to you and alive inside right now (as in, completely and without wavering, you acted in alignment with your highest good and moved towards the dreams and desires from a deep place within you that whisper, and sometimes scream if you don’t listen)…for the next 25 years…

  1. Where would you be living?
  2. Who would be there with you?
  3. What would you have created in that time?
  4. What would an average day look like from the minute you rise to the moment your head hits the bed (write as many pages as needed/possible to squeeze all the details out)?
  5. How would you feel/look on a physical/wellbeing level?


With love,


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