This time of year puts people into a deep space of worthlessness and scarcity. It also brings out love and abundance; however, mainly, it’s filled with the first. During the holidays, our fast-forward lives go into overdrive. We get stuck in survival. And our mind has a fucking field day. Fear takes over and questions our right to be here, to be happy, to feel loved and worthy of joy, to be loved, to be enough.

We look back on our mistakes, on past failures, on heartbreak and painful times. We reflect on the times we were abandoned and deceived, left alone and lied to. We focus in on all that we do not have. We focus in on all that we desire but do not have. We think about all that we think we need to be happy… And we head into meltdown mode. Our mind triggers our limbic system, which influences our hypothalamus, which controls our nervous systems and hormones. So, we physically drive ourselves into fear and anxiety. We create pain in our physical being. Then our performance in life changes. We make decisions to escape fear and run to pleasure. We avoid facing change and growth at all costs because it feels too overwhelming.

I don’t want this to be true for you this year, any year or season… Or ever.. So, here is a reminder.

Fear is just a voice in your head designed to protect you. It can warn you against worst-case scenarios and help you reflect on the past to learn. It may predict situations in the future that seem uncontrollable, but it is not real. It’s an energetic thought that you can let go of and relax into space. You can redirect into the truth. And the truth is…

You are worthy, loveable, capable, enough, strong and magnificent, because you are. No reason is needed. Existence is our justification. It’s our birthright.

It’s time for you to take control of that right in this moment, now. And all the nows to come, but they do not exist and do not need your attention until they are here.

Feel your authenticity.  Close your eyes. In silence and with the feeling of being fully allowed, spread yourself throughout the entire room. Allow yourself to take up space. Take up the entire house, city, continent, earth and universe. Spread yourself wide, and feel yourself connect to the water, the mountains, and the air. Allow yourself to be free.

Feel inside; you have feelings, but they are not you. You have thoughts; you are not them. You have a body, but you’re body isn’t you either. You have a mind, but you are not your mind.

Look at your life from a bird’s eye view; like a long timeline, observe all the information, the birthdays, the heart breaks, the achievements, every moment. Realise that you have been observing all of this  the entire time. You are this observing presence. The mind has been so loud that it’s been using you; you had no idea. Come to this moment; feel it; observe it from above. You were already waiting for you, right here.

And then, realise that all you ever needed is already yours. It’s inevitable; with or without my help, you are going to break down at some point and realise that you don’t like some of the stuff that you’ve been doing. And then, you will change it. Just don’t get too lost in the change bit.

You might have been living a life that you didn’t love. But remember, what you did was what you did. It’s what you needed to do. Stop sweating about whether you have made it or woken up. You will get there all in good time. Explore this crazy world. Have an adventure with life.

And then, start to take up space, in a loving, open, kind, and fearless way. There is so much space for us all to fit. Stop shrinking into half of yourself, thinking that showing the perfect parts makes you strong.

No, it only weakens you and cripples you at a soul level. You’ll realise that the broken bits that you were trying to hide were the exact thing that you were looking for to make you whole. All this time your heart was teaching you to come back to you, to set boundaries, to first give unconditional love to you, to find strength from within, to remember that you need nothing more than all you are to experience joy, to get out of your mind and into your body and your heart, to forget who you think you are and everything you have tied to define your worth.

Be loud in your wholeness. Shine. After all, everything is a choice, so make the decision now to spend the rest of your life doing what you truly give a fuck about. There will be stuff that you don’t want to do, like taxes, visiting your great-nan who smells funny, and being nice to your mother-in-law. Deal with it. Do it with love. Once you learn the simple fact that you’ll always eventually get to where you need to go, you’ll let go of all the crazy searching. Relax.

Let life be.

You are really, really going to be okay.

More than okay.

You are you, and that, my love, is all you ever need.

That is your task.

To come home.

To just be.

Live from there.



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