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Shame parties cultivate wholeness

Leann Rimes is a bloody legend.

An open-hearted powerhouse who isn’t afraid of her own humanity.

LeAnn is a multi-platinum selling acclaimed singer who has sold over 44 million units globally. She is a powerhouse vocalist with multiple Grammy and Music awards. Yes – she is the magic being responsible for the epic hits from the classic, Coyote Ugly.

LeAnn has a personal blog and name Soulofeverle across all social platforms where she brings love and joy to the world including meditations, soulful episodes, her voice and healing frequency candles.

The main points we cover in this episode include:

  • The multidimensional aspects of being a human
  • Why ‘shame parties’ are necessary in order for us to become more whole being – and ENJOY life!
  • The experience of having to stop for the first time since she was 11 and what that feels like and plays out in both light and dark ways in her world
  • The integrations and awareness of all parts of ourselves that we get to look at when we take the time to stop
  • How LeAnn worked through and with shame during and now still, from a very public display of her previous relationship ending with infidelity wound in and how that still impacts in a different way
  • How the darkest times of our lives lead to our deepest growth
  • Her exploration  of herself on a new platform and how this grew into
  • When you strive from lack, it disrupts flow and chokes joy
  • Working with wholesomeness as a human being including integrating and loving rejected aspects of ourselves from the shadow
  • What she learned about fame, integrity and what’s most important in life
  • When you choose alignment, you can ‘have it all’
  • Unconditional love and joy are tools as much as they  are states of being

No, I didn’t get to serenade her to Can’t Fight The Moonlight, but I will. I made a promise.

Listen to the episode here

Please, go and check out LeAnns work here

Soul Of Everle

LeannRimes Website

Instagram SoulofeverLe

Instagram Leann Rimes

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