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Psychology, embodiment and toxic relationships…

What a subtitle, eh?

Let me begin with a little appreciation for your patience. It’s been a minute between podcasts as they draw the short straw when I’m elbow deep in projects. I can assure you, this is worth it.

Laura Corcoran is a Holistic Psychologist. Her 10 years of experience in the field range primarily from forensic, mental health, and addictions She’s also an incredibly honest, raw, intelligent and kind woman a wicked sense of humour, and also a Mum of “two light beams”, as she puts it.

This episode is vast in its topic and while it began with the contradictions around some of the principles of psychology, we weave in and out of rabbit holes that most people can relate to.


  • Trauma that we might not realise is trauma (it’s not always how it seems).
  • How all of us have experienced a time where what we were feeling was too much and thus left that memory and emotional connect *frozen* in the subconscious.
  • Toxic bonded relationships we think are filled with passion but are bound together by pain.
  • An embodied approach to healing and the basis
  • The basics that psychology can forget that make all the difference to long term change
  • Sensory experiences, breath and movement for regulation and healing
  • A ton more…

Listen here

This little quote is from one of Laura’s influences, Peter Levine, and somewhat encompasses the point Laura unpacks around the dire need for embodied practices within psychology treatments.

“If frightening sensations are not given the time and attention they need to move through the body and resolve or dissolve, the individual will continue to be gripped by fear.” – Peter A. Levine, Psychologist

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