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Learning to dance in the dark turns our shadows into light

If you want real life examples of what it takes, looks and feels like to re-parent, heal, bring light to our shadows and transcend the destructive behaviours that kept us safe as children but sacrifice our true selves as adults, this is your podcast. 

Kylie McBeath is the Co-Founder of Zura Health, Writer, Emotional Wellness Coach, and a spokesperson for soul. She is committed to uncovering the tools, technology, and ethos to live a life at the bleeding edge of our potential. From inner struggles to moments of complete bliss, Kylie invites us to the depths of our own shadow so that we can integrate, accept, and become the most aligned version of ourselves. Her mission is to create a world that is in harmony with all of life’s expressions by simply being her raw, vulnerable, and human AF self.

Why you’ll vibe the most with in this episode:

  • The road out of sabotage is liberating, but it comes with your whole body having to go through  the motions of fear and “death”.  
  • It’s a process which we face on a human level as we collectively shift from powerlessness to  reclamation
  •  Examining “death” and our survival strategies that are no longer in alignment with our highest
  • Stepping out of punitive consciousness and cultivating practical practices to support this growth
  • Tools and techniques that you can use right now to help you sustain your new choices and beliefs when it feels scary and impossible
  • Exploring how boundary setting is a process that requires action and consequence not just verbal explanation
  • Unpacking the different ways in which our feeling ‘not enough’ unless we receive or do X, Y and Z can show up in the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) imbalance
  • That we are all human, supporting and navigating this life and how powerful it can be to learn the lesson of asking for support, being radically honest with yourself and most of all, how to do this

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This episode is so personal because well, it’s something we all go through as humans and both Kylie  and I are real about this. We both know that expressing out  own journeys as well as sharing  advice, tools and techniques to do  this powerful work yourself are equally as important. W

We will definitely have a part two on this one!

For now, here is where to get more of Ky…


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Reconnect to yourself, your inner-child and all the part within you. In stillness, validate all of the parts of  yourself that feel alone, unloved, unworthy. place your hand  on your body and give these parts of yourself hands on love, support and energy from within yourself, DAILY.  

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