The Connection Between Joy and Self Trust | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

Joy is your natural essence.

And returning to it cultivates trust in life.

And trusting life (is trusting self) is freedom.

Confidence is not required for this, on courage.

Courage only requires you to reconnect with yourself and listen. 

Reconnecting with yourself is about becoming still. 

Becoming still requires you to lean into intensity, get beyond the mind, beyond thinking, beyond stories. It’s not about time or how you feel or doing it because you should or becoming better or more spiritual. 

No, it’s an essential innate part of who you are. It’s part of your purpose: to become deeply connected to the truest part of your essence as often as you can because that way, you can sink and surrender into the deepest part of your potential and express this in form and become messy in your humanity and rise through it with grace.

To heal what needs to be healed, face the shadows, integrate what’s been subjected to judgement, rejected, judged, deflected, suppressed, fear and betrayed – all because of our incapacity to hold ourselves energetically when things become uncomfortable. 

We have to realise that self-connection and meditation are no longer about being a good loving human and doing good – no, it’s far greater than that. 

It’s about releasing all those ideas about how it benefits you and helps you become more “happy” or “successful”. These might be the fruits, sure. But it’s the roots we need to give a fuck about. 

Our communication to something greater, a waking up to purpose, not in the sense of doing, but through being. 

Did you know that? I didn’t for some time. 

I forget often. I get into doing and busy, and it’s actually fantastic. But it’s not the point of it all. 

Because if you think about why you do what you do, if you find it has purpose, and that purpose connects to contributing to the life of another in some way and that contribution result in them feeling lighter, more at ease, peace, happy or full of love – well, don’t you see you are quite literally DOING so you can take people back to being? 

So if we only “do” to help others “be”, are we in integrity? 

We must not forget the being part being to doing part.
The feeling part before the thinking part.
The sensing part before the analysing part. 

Let them work in cohesion. 

It’s through our being-ness and a collective reverence with each other, cultivated through our own stillness, that then reverberates outwardly and into others. 

Into life, into the world – creating a ripple of reverence. 

Where? Right back at us.

That’s how the physics shit works. Cause and effects. Your energy is a cause that has an effect. So are your thoughts. Forget actions. That’s so far ahead, its only symptom of what’s in the mind, heart and body. There is no failure here.

It’s not about getting rid of judgement or thinking. I can hear judgement in my mind right now. About so many things. Myself, others, those who may or may not read this. The mind is a spiderweb, waiting to capture your attention. Don’t try and cut it down. Another will be woven in its place, and it will look different than the last and perhaps stronger. 

Instead, sit back and observe the web in its magnificence. Use it, knowing that whatever you let feed into that web, will wrap itself around your mind, being, energy and emotions and swallow you whole. 

In other words, choose every carefully…

What you place in that web.
What you place your attention and energy towards.
What you let the mind feed off. 

We are all participating in each others moments. You are not behind me, I am not behind you. 

They are not above you, you are not below them. We are here, together. Isolation, judgement and separation only hurt ourselves. This is fucking magic. 

It’s truly almost impossible, that we get choice, that we can direct this vital energy just through or focus. That we can lift everyone through our own resurrection and healing. 

And yet, it’s our world. 

Moment to moment, we have the choice to direct our attention, energy and potential towards fear or judgement or love and acceptance. 

We can resist or we can surrender. 

We can resurge and reclaim or we can retreat and disown. 

One isn’t better than the other, and those stuck in the cycle of the later aren’t less than those choosing to step into life. No.  

Fuck no. 

These are the hands we need to reach out to and hold. 

We are all in this together.  Do you get that?

We are all in this together.

You matter.
I matter.
They matter. 

Joy fucking matters.  

Take that shit seriously.

Speak soon,


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