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Even when we meet darkness within us at depths we did not know existed, we can write our story as if our battle is already won. Sometimes when we find darkness in us, we believe that we have lost our integrity. However, honoring the darkness within us and owning it is the only way to have true integrity.

Integrity with your soul has no rules. It knows no boundaries. It doesn’t play in the realm of right and wrong; it dances in the imagination of how the universe works.

How you work.

How life works.

However, it doesn’t spend time trying to figure it all out.


It doesn’t spend time trying to figure it all out.

Integrity is not having the answer to every question or the solution to every problem.

Integrity is not perfection.

Integrity is often not even our tidy and compartmentalized views of morality.

Integrity is sinking so deeply into yourself that you embody the universe. Quite literally, the science of the state of flow reflects this to us loud and clear. The science of flow is the psychology of optimal experience.

There is no denying that we are star dust; we are atoms; we are wavelengths and light.

We are magic.

Stop running from it.

Stop running from your ability to manifest the physical from the metaphysical.

We are far too advanced to call this hosh-posh. We are far too ahead of our game to deny our ability to create and destroy our dreams. Aristotle wrote about the science of our infinity, for fuck sake. Let’s stop playing dumb.

Your job is to connect with the infinity inside, the permanent and never ending part of you.

Your job is to live this life without ever swaying from the authenticity of that essence. It is also your job to break through the thousands of years of conditioning that tell you not to do just that. Have the guts to do this. Move with your essence, even if it means walking the opposite direction of so called happiness that so many of us seek in the materials of life.

Don’t spend your life attempting to fit into a box when your existence is quite literally boundless wavelengths and beams of light that are comprehended through the matrix of the mind.

Yes. Literally.

Your biggest opponent is your desire for the glitter and glam: the approval and acceptance of others, all existing without meaning. We hold ourselves back when we search for happiness outside of ourselves.

You have a stream of consciousness accessible to you that is like clay in your hands, which you can mold into whatever you like. Your mind is the oven that bakes your thoughts into reality. We are creators.

Meditate, for fuck sakes, meditate.

Be still.

Pay attention.

Open space for reflection.




Resist the urge to do.

Resist the urge of compulsivity.

These are your super powers.

This will make all that you do intentional. This will make you a person with integrity and quite naturally, bring you blissful fucking amounts of joy.

Eventually, you’ll realise that flowers, stars, and sunsets have always had the most important job in the universe. They bring us to stillness. To sense everything happening within ourselves. To touch, smell, and surrender deeply into what is right here. To enjoy the divinity and simplicity of something that never rushed and yet, was absolutely perfect in every way.

Suddenly, the sunshine and rainbows we have been shitting; “we”, being people who talk and share similarly; won’t seem so silly after all.



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