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The best way to shrink is to believe you do not need to grow.


Are you guilty of uttering the two most dangerous words (when said one after another) in the English language?

"I'm fine".

  • because you have worked so hard to hold it all together
  • because you don't need anybody
  • because asking for help is weak
  • because fine is what you need to be to get through it all 
  • because if you aren't fine, nothing will be fine
  • because if you aren't fine, then you might actually give a fuck, and that is utterly pitiful
  • because if you aren't fine, you might have to change
  • because if you aren't fine, you may appear to be vulnerable and imperfect all at once



On so many soul-destroying levels. In this video, I de-bunk 'fine'and explain how admitting that "I'm fine" is not only a fear reflex but show you how it is preventing you from experiencing a great amount of depth, joy, happiness and fulfillment in your life.






All on the other side of admitting that fine is just not going to cut it. 

Check it out 🙂

Instead of “I’m Fine”, how about “I’m open”?

It is easy to forget that our minds can trick us into resisting growth.

I would love to hear from you. Comment below and share your biggest self-trickery experience - doesn't have to be "I'm fine", could be anything. Please, let me know how you came to realise it was just fear. 


Hugs for days, 


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