12 IKYA | Moving Beyond Fear: A New Paradigm | Just Be You Podcast

The illusion of fear

Warning - this episode is deeeeeeeeep.
In a really good way, like the Santa stocking being deep - kind.
If you are someone who likes to explore the workings of the universe with an open mind, don't really do small talk and like to hear new perspectives - then this podcast is going to rock you, in a - Chris Rock/good kinda way.
A few of the points we covered (there were so many) and the reason that this interview will rock your socks:
Breaking down how to go beyond our everyday fears.
Looking at what our unfoldment is mean to look like on a spiritual level.
Breaking dogma and rules around religion and spirituality.
Un-developing ourselves to get to the core of what life is about.
Understanding that there is no such thing as worthlessness or deservedness.
Learning to explore, have fun and evolve with life.
Seeing yourself and removing all other illusions.

Understand the new paradigm and consciousness rising

IKYA is the name that this spiritual mentor goes by. I love his direct and practical approach to spiritual unfoldment. He shows the way for people of today who want to cut through the fog of collective beliefs and become awake in a world asleep. IKYA's teachings can be life-changing and will help you find true direction and purpose. His message is often surprising and brings you thought provoking ideas that can crush your blockages and open your mind and consciousness.
Please hit us both back with a comment below on your biggest take away!
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