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Let’s strip things raw and blow some fresh air into a topic that is well needed to navigate being a human 🙂

Just like humans, once stripped of unnecessary conditioned baggage, the truth is revealed and freedom from the inside is then an option.

Prior to a stripping back, such concepts only serve as a temporary buffer to our fears of scarcity and feeling out of control. This buffer acts as a petri dish for growing anxiety, doubt, resentment, shame, blame, guilt and depression.

Trying to force surrender or release has us wound up in anxious balls of resentful, hardened and/or perpetually overgrown spiritual egos. How many of us try to force a ‘letting go’ and think about surrender until we want anything but to “accept things for how they fucking are”.

Unless we have a deeper connection with self, the impermanence of life, an appreciation of unconscious creation and take some responsibility and take back our power, we’re pretty fucked. We repeat mantras whilst still being riddled with self-doubt or shame.

This audio will help you return back to the tension within and greet it with a tender open and very courageous heart. To face it head-on, to stop resisting and let it show you what you need to see, learn, address, embrace, own, transcend and alchemise.

We can feel a little better with a self-love chat, a focused attention on surrender and even releasing control by telling yourself you are letting it all go. But more often than not that self-love has an undertone of narcissism, the focused attention is just a mental distraction from the present discomfort and the release of control simply a defeatist attitude, all without releasing it.

Let’s rebuild, embody and embrace surrender with a deeper understanding to ensure we aren’t just skipping over and suppressing fear, resentment and shame that is, later on, going to bite us in our universal, cyclical human asses.

I made this audio for you which also contains a guided meditation that will help you embody this understanding as well as strengthen your emotional awareness.

Alright, I want to hear directly from you. Comment below and let me know:

  • How did you feel after this audio?
  • Did you feel a difference in your emotions, body or energy at all?


Hope you enjoyed that one.


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