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Today you are getting two universal principals and 23 foundations of Amber’s soul (at current place in time). Enjoy 🙂

There are a few things that I know for certain in this world. When you think you’ve got universal understanding in your grasp they often seem to dissolve to reveal yet another layer.

However, these two knowings seem to be some kind of universal laws that I have derived and simplified from the study and observation of everyday people and from a plethora of studies of the greatest philosophers of all time. Thought they might come in handy since most people’s root problems are born and cultivated in the space between “not enough” and “who am I?”.

  1. Analysis destroys creativity. We must surrender to tap in and channel our creativity. Creativity is a paradox in that it will give us the fulfilment and sense of, “enoughness” that we often seek externally while simultaneously challenging the primitive drive to mirror the actions and beliefs of the tribe in order to be accepted. Safety and creativity cannot co-exist. Translation, to be creative and experience the fulfilment we are all innately drawn to, we must go against human survival instincts and listen to the soul’s intuition.
  1. Searching desperately for your purpose or meaning in life is the antithesis of discovering it. You must learn to dive and be swallowed whole by each moment, surrendering into the world as an adventurer of curiosity. Seeking diversity and growth and then, purpose will slap you in the face. Purpose provides a structure and foundation of security at a deep level. A sense of being safe and belong, security in our world and within yourself both lead to a sense of knowingness of who you are and what you are here to learn. When you have this, you’re unstoppable. The energy, discipline and courage that births from this knowing, allow us to move through fear and essentially, create a space of worth, abundance and power.

In short – go against the fear instinct and follow intuition to tap into creativity and satisfy the primitive need of belong and security through an embodiment of your purpose.

These seem to be two very solid universal laws that allow us to have firm foundations and a sense of belonging. The two ingredients required for a very fucking magnificent life.

Now, below are a few Amber fundamentals. I thought I would jot them down. Feel free to pick and choose any that might bring you insight, focus, inspiration or joy in your life.

These are a few things I come back to over and over again in my world when I lose my grounding.

  1. When words fail and tears run dry, dancing and dirty comedy fix everything.
  2. Art and music are the only things that make sense of the insane in this world—not Netflix.
  3. We are each 50 thousand beautiful shades of grey, and the sooner we embrace it, the sooner we discover the necessity for each and every shade.
  4. A cluttered mind is caused by a cluttered bookshelf, gym bag, camera roll, cupboard, and bathroom sink. Make your fucking bed, it’ll help you clean up your mind.
  5. We are who and where we are. Internal environment will be influenced by the external. Embrace change, and mix shit up. And be picky.
  6. Life is always handing us stop and go signals, we just suck at listening and believe it needs to be harder than it is. It’s that simple, appreciate it.
  7. When we fear fear, we create the thing we fear. Fall in love with it, and it’ll never have any say in your life.
  8. Great sex keeps a fire burning and your mind silenced.
  9. Great love is worth crossing oceans for.
  10. Foreplay is everything, far better than rushing to the end, which we forget and which is why we need more (life) foreplay.
  11. Putting on an alarm 20 minutes early so there’s time for some self-loving is worth it every time because pleasure is a birthright.
  12. Contrary to social belief, bigger is really not ever really better. Downsize to upgrade your life.
  13. The Italians have it right; “Dolce far niente” – the sweetness of doing nothing.
  14. What is always glittering is likely a distraction. Open it up, if it’s cold inside, put it (them) down.
  15. Winning a war for the sake of dominance, winning and or overpowering, is always a loss.
  16. If a person starts a new relationship before healing from their last one, it’s probably not going to be a healthy relationship.
  17. When somebody tells us what is wrong with us or what they don’t like about us, they are probably, at least to a certain extent, right.  However, they are also most likely talking about themselves. Learn from it, and let it go.
  18. Your ability to focus your attention will have directly transform your world. Your mental focus and what you give attention are everything.
  19. If you’re always the rescuer, you’re sure to sink at some point. Deep. Stop it. You’re worthy and loveable without having to save people. 
  20. Choosing love feels like scratching nails down a chalkboard when you’ve spent your entire life seeking and adoring those in power. Choose love anyway.
  21. You’re your best and only guru. Period. Just do you.
  22. Wine and tea are equally as delicious when enjoyed with a company who laugh when you snort because you’re laughing. Hang onto those people.
  23. Red lipstick goes with everything.

Happy days.

Got any yourself? Share with me below <3


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