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One Sock And A Fuzzy Butt

A few weeks ago, my partner and I went hiking and we ran into a little, errr, toilet emergency.⠀

Luckily, before we were in a relationship, we lived together and also had five years of a very solid friendship. So I was comfortable enough to inform him that my morning toilet visit had arrived with a strong urgency. ⠀

“Same”, he replied half-laughing. ⠀

We high fived and scooted off in different directions to take care of things. ⠀

Despite being experienced in forest walks and hikes, neither of us had bought toilet paper.  There was a beautiful natural stream close by we planned to meet back at.

I figured I’d find a decent leaf and jump in the stream afterwards.⠀

When we returned, triumphantly out of the bushes, we dipped in the freezing stream and did a little meditation before continuing on.⠀

I noticed as he put his shoes back on, he had just one sock. ⠀

I raised my eyebrows with a “oh no you didn’t” look on my face.  ⠀

He proceeded to tell me as a competitive rower when running stairs and laps back in training days, this was the norm. ⠀

I was horrified, but also felt jealous, because, in my haste to find a very well hidden spot for my private moment, I used the leaves in reaching distance, which happened to have tiny fuzzy hairs on them. ⠀

Again, thankfully our friendship held strong and I admitted that my rear was beginning to feel rather prickly.

Thankfully it didn’t exceed a 3/10 discomfort and after investigation, my bottom was okay within 48 hours.⠀

Even still I will continue to refuse to ever sacrifice a sock in such a way and would take my leafy chances again should I ever be faced with such an emergency. ⠀

My point here is.

We had the same situation which required an immediate solution. ⠀

We took different paths. ⠀

Did the best we could with what we had (both came with consequences).

And while one way may have ended in a fuzzy butt and the other, one sock down, we both successfully completed the task. ⠀

Right now in the world, most places we turn, advice is being thrown at us. 

So many of us are wanting to support causes, do the right thing, serve, give, prevent, stand up, heal and change for the better. And at every corner, there is advice on *how* this should be done. ⠀

There is exclusive information being given on how to create an *inclusive* world.⠀

Seems a little silly. ⠀

While the advice being given is clearly with the best intentions, it can be overwhelming. ⠀

So this is a reminder that generally, what works for you, you will *know* within yourself and this is a permission slip to trust that knowing. ⠀

Who am I to give you permission? Honestly, just me.⠀

Someone also practising self-trust, intuitive listening, getting lost in the noise at times, feeling confused and guilty about what to do, how to do it, how often, and in what format. 

I’m in the trenches with you, and what I have learned in many years of multidisciplinary holistic therapy is this – there is no “one” way, nor is there even necessarily a right or wrong way. ⠀

The best point of call is to come back to you, to home (in your body, grounded and connected to your breath to clear your mind).

And then, go from there. ⠀



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