How To Be An Insufferable Jerk | EP #45 | Stay Real With Amber | Amber Hawken | MINDFULNESS COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY

Just incase you were wondering how to be an insufferable jerk, here are the exact steps.

I hope you all realise, that this is tongue in cheek.

In all seriousness, the underlying message, is to just be you and let other people be them. 

It’s beautiful to want to help, inspire, heal and motivate. Go for it. The world needs it, now more than ever. But here is the ticker, if you PUSH it onto people; the people you want to help; they will withdraw and you’ll not only make them uncomfortable, you’ll potentially delay them opening up to the help you feel they need.

Be you. Show up authentically. Do your yoga, your healing, your health, your happiness. If people are drawn to you and want help, they will come.

If you are selling anything and you (try to) appear above people, they will either roll their eyes quietyl and think you are an insufferable jerk, or place you on a pedestal.

And guess what? 

What goes up, must come down. While it may feel nice in the short term, when people realise you are human; that you screw up, that you fail, that you don’t actually have it all together all the time; they will tear you to shreds in their mind.

Hectic, right? You will be ‘dead to them‘. Because you slipped up (as we all do) and their thoughts about who you were, came crashing down. They feel betrayed and guess who they project that onto? Think, small version of seeing a movie star get busted for drink driving.

Image of perfection, shattered. 

The world is craving real connection. Give them that, and those you want to help will flock to you.

Again. Just be you. 

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Nothing else matters in this life more than stripping away the conditioned layers of who you think you are and how you think you need to show up in this life. Start looking in the mirror and getting very honest with yourself.

As Elizabeth Taylor so eloquently put it “I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.”

So get sick of your own stories, then you can start actually discovering what matters in life. As long as you keep looking everywhere else for peace, happiness and fulfillment, you’re screwed.

It really is inside. I know, cliche, barf. But it is a cliche for a reason; it’s true.

Transformation hurts. It doesn’t look or feel pretty until you are out the other side. And sometimes, that can be months. Be preapred for that. Or be preapred for a lifetime of very average happiness.

The awareness, the work it takes to cut away what is not actually authentically you – that shit takes courage. It can be lonely, and scary and uncomfortable. But if you can get through your own bullshit, you will be one of the few who will be able to successfully navigate and dodge the facades promising you the world and delivering you emptiness.

You will be free.

Love you long time.

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