How To Ask For Help (Even When It feels Gross) | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness based CBT

When we struggle to ask for help (and receive it) we end up exhausted and burned out. Makes sense, eh?

Also sucks because well – burn out.

In this weeks video, I teach the belief systems that are the culprit behind why we don’t ask for help and what we can do to shift those stories. 

It’s equally as complex as looking into the depths of the fear that every human has as it is as simple as understanding how to move beyond that reflex that says, “keep going, even if you’re exhausted”. 

Which of course is just the fear of not being enough leaking out in it’s own variation of taking on too much.

Let’s get down to business.

When we lean into the opposite behaviour- especially when it’s uncomfortable – we begin to chip away at those outdated ways of being that are no longer serving us.

I would love to hear from you: comment below with your biggest take away from the video.

Remember, making a request is not the same as a demand.


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