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Do you know what turns you on?

Todays podcast is sensual, fire, flow and erotic feminine.

I had the pleasure (pun intended) of interviewing Jamie Thompson.

Over the last decade, Jamie has developed a body of work to support her women and couples with letting go of negative patterns around sex so they can design a sex-life of hot eroticism and soul-quenching intimacy. Her background is in trans-personal psychology, neuroscience, sensual embodiment, and holographic movement reprogramming. Jamie has travelled around the world teaching masterminds, business events and private clients, how to up-level their success and creativity through sexual transmutation.

The things I loved most  in this episode:

  • Masks of masculinity for women who are feminine at their core
  • Remembering pleasure and feeling
  • How to soften and open in relationships
  • Re-energising and vitalising through coming home
  • Entering the pull instead of the push
  • Reclaiming your polarity
  • Coming back to the ancient wisdom of women
  • Honouring the intelligence of the primal energy
  • Exploring the different Erotic Menu for each of us
  • The masculine paradigm sabotaging the divinity of the feminine
  • Supporting yourself in coming back home to the feminine
  • Not being afraid of the power of your darkness
  • Understanding clean and clear dark and shadow dark
  • Build your foundations of life from your sexual roots
  • Unpacking shame and shadow of pleasure and sexuality
  • Changing sex education and the way we approach sex in schools
  • 5 ways to get into your feminine in three minutes


Jamie has five ways in under three minutes to turn on your feminine. It’s in the final minutes of the episode. Let us know in the comments below, what your favourite is. 

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Awakening Your Erotic Muse






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