The Consequence Of ‘Too Much’ Healing| Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Vlog

Healing – proactive or simply attentive in the moment?

I believe we’re not meant to suffer. We do – it’s part of life, but it’s not our natural state. We perpetuate suffering by searching for things to ‘fix’. And in running from our humanity we create pain.

So – relax and enjoy life – let it poke you when you need poking.

This is an exert from The Sovereign Space event (there’s on in three weeks on the Gold Coast).

Find out more here. 

This is a two part series. Because, of course, we are human and whilst I KNOW in my deepest essence I have all I need, I am a human and I’m navigating the experience of boundaries, needs, pain, healing and relationships too.

I’ll share part two in the next few days.

Please share with me in the comments your thoughts on ‘too much’ healing and the balance of trusting life, enjoying it and the importance of proactive healing. 



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