BU EP#7 This is Why You Hate Your Life (and How To Fix It)

Have you ever wanted to crawl out of the skin of your life?

Does it sometimes feel as though you are walking around in shoes, that are two times too small, but you aren’t really sure what to do about them or feel you could afford a new pair?
Maybe you don’t know where the good shoe shops are?
Maybe you wear these shoes because everyone else seems to be wearing them?
What I am talking about, is living a life that we have either outgrown, or fallen into by default.
It’s inevitable in todays world that we can get caught up in hype and sometimes we realise that we have been making choices that don’t really get our juices flowing.
*Sad face*
This can happen right underneath our awareness until one day we wake up and wonder why the fuck we feel empty.
We look in the mirror, we look at our job, friends, body, clothes and bank account and realise - none of this is ‘me’. 
You know those moments you turn around and ask yourself 'How the hell did I get here, I cannot stand my life?".
In this video, I explain very plainly, how we end up here, and how not too. Ever again. Thank fuck. 

Don’t be a Debbie dower though….

I've had a few major moments in my life like this, and I realised it came down to ignorance. I buried my head into a life that wasn’t one I really wanted. 
It is so easy to do and we must practice compassion with ourselves, to ensure we don’t end up in spiral. 
The best thing about this video is that you will be able to get really honest with yourself and most of all, walk away with an action plan to prevent future forehead slapping moments in the future. 
Thanks for watching the things I teach, makes me all tingly inside that you get something from it. 
Please comment below and tell me: have you ever wound up in a head slapping moment, and what did you to about it?
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