Do You Feel Guilty For Resting? | Amber Hawken | Dip. Mindfulness CBT

The guilt of resting is real. Whenever I speak to an audience of adults, I ask this question: ‘Who feels guilty for resting or thinks taking a break is a waste of time?‘. The sea of hands rise.

Now, I admit to overworking too, and also find it challenging to truly chilling the f out. Freedom is not what we think it is, though. I am absolutely not exempt from this guilt thing and reveal in the video below why we actually hold on to this behaviour and a CHALLENGE for you to do that will encourage you to flex your chill muscle. You in?

If you’re exhausted, burned out and stressed out yet you wear ‘busy’ like a badge of honour, you better watch this.

Do you feel like taking a nap is the most indulgent thing ever?

Do you feel guilty if you put your feet up even for a moment?

Relaxation and rest might not come easily to you, but it can be learned. Practice. You’ll find that the more often you create space to replenish those precious energy stores of yours, you’ll have more to give and be more focussed, efficient, and oh yeah, joyful in the process. That’s right — if you REST, you’ll get MORE done and be LESS busy. Do life smarter, not harder.

Sound good? Watch this video below and let me know your biggest takeaway in the comments below or over on Facebook!

Happy chilling,

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