How To Make It Easy To Get What You Want | Audio Blog | Amber Hawken Dip. Mindfulness CBT

Empowerment requires just one little practice; choice.

Today I’ve got a soundbite for you from a resilience training I created in my other business Calm Mind Co to support you during times you feel overwhelmed, stuck or aren’t sure which direction to go.

It’s essentially three of the fundamental lessons we could all use to keep our shit together in the times that our nervous systems and minds are wired to fall apart in.
It’s called Ease, Experience and Choice because it’s about deciding to make things easy, and owning what you want so you can align with what you want.

Because despite everything you can’t control, what you can control is the mind between your ears and the knowledge that you’re a human being that chose to be here and ultimately gets to choose the meaning you give to everything – with ease!

Listen to the audio training here

This is another favourite from the Calm Mind Program For Everyday People – if you dig it, all the course modules are now live and available to access within 24 hours of purchase, so if you’d rather spend your time off embracing a little more ease as you enter 2019, check out the program here!



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