The Unfu*kwithable Life – Book $0.99 for 72 Hours on Amazon now!

It’s Finally Here

Shit, so this is happening. As promised, you can download the e-copy of my book right here, right now.
** Insert mental image of Fat Boy Slim echoing.. 'right here, right now**

It is $0.99 on Amazon for 72 hours only. So don't put this on your to-do list, do it right now.  

Seriously, stop whatever the hell you are doing, and download it now.

Once you read it, I would LOVE you to then leave a rating and review. 

IMPORTANT: For some reason, sometimes you need to specify your country code after the .com, by adjusting the URL. For example, for an Australian account it would look like, '' , for the UK, '', for Canada, '' etc etc 

It is 100% available in every single country! 

Most people automatically have a '.com' account but if this link doesn't work, then select your country below (this hurts by brain, but Tom from my awesome publishing team did this for you all): 


If you do not have an amazon account, easy, it only takes a minute to create one. (These really help people know that it isn't just a thrown together PDF by someone who read the secret, and got all inspired and shit.)

Also, if you yourself or someone you know is a "big deal" podcaster, writer, editor, VIP person at any sort of publication or whatever, please email me. I'm going to be promoting until I'm blue in the face before I leave the country in three weeks, and so I'd like to organise as many interviews/promotions as possible. Just reply to this email with "OPPORTUNITY" in the subject line if you have something you can help out with. 

Thank you so much for signing up to get this bad boy. Two and a half years in the making, three world trips, way too much coffee - wait I take that blasphemy back, there is no such thing (sorry coffee) - and it's here.

You can click the image or download now to grab it.

Okay that's six times I have inserted the link for you now, let's add another and make it seven for good luck. 

Thank you thank you thank you…

I mean it when I say, your support and continual reading of my work is the reason I get up each day. Also, coffee, but yeh, I fucking love teaching.

I get to learn and teach and grow, and realise I was wrong, and share that I was wrong, and teach some more. All because of YOU!

Once you have read enough to know you dig the book, feel free to send any emails to and give you your thoughts!

Why are you still reading!!??? Go and download the book!!


P.S. If am throwing totally free, online and in the flesh, party in the park to celebrate publishing the book. Either join us live stream on Facebook, for a free yoga and meditation class (a fun meditation where i will probably swear 17 times, not that boring shit) and book reading afterwards. Or come along to the actual party on the Gold Coast. It's early, so don't get too drunk Saturday night, there won't be buckets for hung over kids.  Grab a free ticket here.


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