Living a Freedom Rich Life With This Daily Practice | Video

Energy before action…

Today, I’m honoured to share one of my personal practices responsible for generating 5 x more energy, wealth and joy in my world.

I grew up in a town of 10,000 that was predominately filled with families who worked in the power stations, owned local businesses, and many of many lived off government support.

It was extreme in the socioeconomic ends of the spectrum, and my family was on the lower end of that spectrum.

I remember heading to school in second-hand uniforms and seeing the vast difference in the faded shade of mine and the crisp colours of all my friends.

When I was eight years old, I remember asking my Dad how much money I would need to earn a week to never run out and have enough for the things I wanted.

After some hand-drawn sketches and solid metaphors about inflation, I decided 100,000 was the minimum a year I wanted to make when I grew up.

The audacity I had led to a challenging but essential lesson about wealth, drive, and energy that’s wound me up right here about to share this practice with you.

While I placed my sight on good grades at school and focused on my Bach. Of Medical Science Radiation Therapy at university, I wound up in holistic therapy and entrepreneurship 26 years later.

I honour what I have created but admit about a decade of my accomplishments were driven by scarcity that I developed as a child.

While inspiration and service weighed in heavily to my drive, much of my energy was sourced from fear. I grew wealth and “success” in the traditional sense. Still, deep down underneath it all, I was tired to my bones a lot of the time and never felt comfortable resting in spaciousness or stillness.

I would go through cycles of burnout and be forced into recovery before repeating the process again.

I didn’t enjoy most of getting to the place I was inspired to land, nor could I stay there long before the urge to go again appeared.

In this video, I don’t go into how I necessarily overcome that (that’s another area I tended to, derived from a devotion to experiences of joy over fear and a video for another time). However, I give you the practice to flip where I source for source and align actions accordingly to ensure efficiency and reciprocity of energy, abundance, and life force.

It calls in the people, opportunities, innovations, and creations buried the centre of your being and moves you towards them, them towards you all from the energy of what you want to end up.

In other words — if done intentionally and from a place of creative devotion, it will allow you to be fuelled by vitality while you’re baking, not just munching on the cake.

Note — the most potent practices are always simple and require devotional and consistency.

Be open to letting shifting what feels heavy and hard be easy and, of course, taking ownership of it by applying what you learn.

As always, take what resonates and leave the rest.



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