EP8 Franziska Iseli | How To Not Waste Moment of Life | Just Be You Podcast

This is your life...live it dammit!

Franziska is a maverick entrepreneur, leading marketing and brand strategist, speaker, author and the co-founder of BasicBananas.com, OceanLovers.com, YoursSocially.com and TheBusinessHood.com.

In 2013 Franziska was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award recognising her innovation, creativity and philanthropic involvement.

A true visionary, no challenge seems to be too big for Franziska. She is known for her rebellious nature and challenging the norm. She has this rare combination of being both creative and strategic, which makes her a powerful thought leader in the business world.

If you are someone who despises the wasting of potential, you will love this episode.

I titled this quite literally, because 'Ziska' (her nickname to me, because she hates Fran, so we went with Ziska), is the epitome of potential extrapolation from a human being.

She is the author of bestselling book PERCEPTION - Take charge of how others view your brand, become irresistible and make a bigger impact and Bananas About Marketing – How to Attract a Whole Bunch of Clients.

She is regularly featured across the media including INC, Forbes, Business Insider, Virgin Inflight Entertainment, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, SmartCompany, Dynamic Business Magazine, BRW, 2UE, Channel 9.

As a Swiss born Aussie and she is funny as hell and not afraid to get incredibly open in this episode.


My fav takeaways: 

  • The only two things we ever need to be happy in life
  • That you are not your culture/family/country/religion/gender
  • Limit? What is a limit? (How to be limitless in real life, not just on an IG quote)
  • Perspective - how it can change your life in an instant
  • What really matters in our lives, and how to take action even when you are terrified or have no idea
  • Why looking after our planet is something we all need to think about right now
  • A billion other personal and hilarious stories about giving, virginity and tattoos. 

Thank you Franziska!

She has been generous enough to gift us a Free mini course for busy business owners! 

You can find more out about this inspiring Maverick here:


basicbananas.com, thebusinesshood.com, oceanlovers.com