What You Must Know Before You ‘Follow Your Bliss’ | BU EP#8 | Just Be You | Amber Hawken | MINDFULNESS COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY

Dammit, it is irresponsible to follow your bliss without knowing this

Man, it is so easy to tell someone to follow your bliss, when you are on a high in life. Or maybe just remind yourself why the fuck you decided to do the idiotic 'follow your bliss', bullshit yourself and it makes you feel safe. Or maybe it is just distracting you from the three dollars in your bank account and porridge you have had for the last 17 dinners.
I'm kidding, it was only 16. Okay okay. It is not that bad. But sometimes it feels that way. Following your bliss is not all rainbows, and I wanted to get across to those braving that step outside their comfort zones, that you are not alone. Expect the unexpected. Be prepared to make shit up and never know what you are doing. Be prepared for stressful nights, sleepless ones, even.
But most of all, be prepared to overall, love your life and never look back, despite the struggles we may face at times.
I get it. I followed my 'bliss'. Although sometimes that does involved a half a block of cheese and half a bottle of red wine mid week, mostly it involves waking up feeling pretty fucking happy.
I get in your face about what the alternative is, and help you realise, while it's hard, and very smart to be prepared it really is a great decision. Even though it sounds wanky as hell.

The struggle is real


I'm here to support and share experiences. It's a tough world out there, but there is also a lot of love and people like me who want to listen. 

Share with me below: what's you experience with 'following your bliss' and have you ever regretted it?
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