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We all love to feel good. Der – we’re meant to live in states of bliss occasionally, but not forever. Feelings are fleeting, life is in motion. It seems the self-help world focuses heavily on the feel good aspect of ‘the work’, but tends to bypass the depths we need to go to that actually allow us to access the fulfilment and joy we seek.

Have you ever really felt in to your uncomfortable emotions? Have you given airtime to Sadness? Loneliness? Anger? Fear? Anxiety? Shame? Probably not. It’s not really in fashion. We’re too busy visualising greatness and staying inspired and making vision boards but not tending to the blocks that keeps us from the alignment we yearn for.

The thing is, feeling feelings and emotions is actually quite different to resisting them (which is what we do).

It’s raw, and uncomfortable, yes. But letting yourself dive into the beauty of that energy and have it dance amongst your cells and ripple through your being? That, friends, is raw. It’s the river of life. It’s flow. It’s potentially messy. But guess what!? That is what it means to be human, and a fully alive one at that. 

I wanted to address this without getting too serious, so here’s 6 instant and easy ways to feel good and avoid your real problems.

Disclaimer: Choking hazard. Please do not consume food or liquids during the viewing of this video.

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