Feel Free Embodied Practice Free Download

FEEL FREE: Cultivate the Skill of Emotional Regulation and Release

This practice is one of the most underestimated of all foundational practices when it comes to personal power because it teaches you that you can actually handle your own feelings.

Interference of the natural flow of emotional energy is the issue when it comes to getting stuck in the head. This will support you to cultivate the art of staying with rather than running from feeling and sensation.

This is emotional black belt kinda' stuff. 

It's incredibly potent, simple and effective.

I developed this practices after more than 10 years supporting people to emotionally and mentally heal, regulate and thrive in their lives.

It connects you with your body, feelings and you get the opportunity to learn that *feeling* is less about doing something to fix and more about relaxing and letting it all move through.

I personally guide you through the entire piece. You can use this as often as you desire to strengthen this masterful skill. After a few goes, you'll notice an enormous shift in the way you deal with intensity, stress and emotional triggers in your everyday. 

It's my honour to guide you through this. 

Note: there is about 15 seconds out of the 30 minutes where you circular breathe. If you have a history of seizures or a pregnant, just breathe gently during these seconds. 




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