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Well Done

I mapped this audio out with the intention to support you to feel completely empowered to find freedom within yourself.

This is a somatic release practice. Suitable for times when you would like to empty your cup or be supported to shift stagnant emotions or tension in the body including overwhelm, numbness, apathy, anxiety, grief, sadness, physical pain, anger or exhaustion.
Using the breath and my guidance, you’ll spend 25 minutes creating space in yourself.
If you have a history of seizures or are pregnant, please do not hold your breath during this practice or do the connected breathing aspect of this guided practice.

It’s a somatic presenting practice. As in, paying attention to the body and sensations. 

I’ll tell you exactly how to breathe, and drop into your body and feelings and balance your emotions and mind. 

It’s like a cleanse on the inside that frees up space calms down the noise between your ears and in your body.

If it cuts out after a minute, try opening in a different browser (Safari or Chrome).

If you believe there’s a problem, write hello@amberhawken.com and we’ll take care of you as quickly as possible. Please note that our business hours are M-F 9am aest – 5pm aest.