The Fear of the Unknown | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | Vlog

Can you see what’s here?…

Since the start of it all (life), there’s only ever been change and unknown.

Quantum physics, mathematically measured futures and intuitive knowings are the closest to the known we’ve had — and yet, 2020 showed us how futile it is to depend on this.

It’s ironic that we tend to grasp onto our thoughts the hardest when we are least likely to know if they are actually true.

The harder we cling to our beliefs and assumptions, the more we suffer from ignorance to the opportunities in what’s uncertain.

There are few certainties in life.

We spend so much of our time and energy constructing expectations around what’s going to happen.

We build companies, diaries, annual plans and lifestyles in rigid ways and become obsessed with having a map in a constant effort to battle back that sense of uncertainty.

It does little more than give us a false perception of control or something to grasp/resist.

Which leads to distraction and distortion of life and breeds depression and anxiety. Or keeps you holding onto the tethers of hope, the narcissistic and helpless version of trust.

There’s another approach, a no-fail practice that places the personal responsibility back on us.

It’s painfully simple.

My intention is that you realise, in the end, your worries are wasted. Life is waiting for you.



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