The Importance of Falling Apart | Amber Hawken Mindfulness Based CBT | YouTube Vlog

Do yourself a giant  favour and let yourself fall apart when you are going through the end of the cycle of anything.

Falling apart does not mean be an asshole.

It means, don’t run, hold space for yourself and let your emotions rise up and come out.
It means staying with yourself when you want to run.

It means not feeding stories or analysing and trying to figure it all out or control. If you don’t, you’ll be as full as your Uncle Jim who eats himself to sleep on Christmas Day, and even grumpier because you’re emotionally constipated and filled with built up emotional and energetic debris and even just people breathing near you will make you annoyed, cynical and righteous. You will be anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, maybe depressed and likely feeling uninspired and unable to take action. Your mind will be foggy and your attitude will be shit-house. What you need to release is just floating about in your being and you have to have the courage to release it and for that, you need to chill, sit, be, go in, let go of control and let nature take it’s course (inside to the outside of you).

It’s a bit like chewing glass for a bit, and then, you’ll feel as light as light afterwards, literally.

So. Please, fall the bloody hell apart. 



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