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The answer is finally here

You have asked and I am delivering. Okay so, you didn't ask, but I am delivery anyway. 

I am finally answering the age old question - what does it really take to be unhappy?

  • pants three sizes too small? Nah.
  • go to baristas who burn your coffee? Nope.
  • discussing iPhones, 'duck', autocorrect with friends? Close, but not quite.

I am about to share with you five amazing points that will change your life forever - seriously - they're even more amazing than the fact that Australia FINALLY said YES (legally) to same-sex marriage. (In all seriousness - HELL YES TO THIS). 

Without further delay:

Please sink your eyes and ears into: 5 Ways To Be Exceptionally Unhappy.



So – what did you learn?

I would love to hear from you. Do you have any other great tips for being unhappy? Leave me a comment below. 

I did this one on the fly, and to be perfectly frank - this is me. 100% me. No make-up, no hair made pretty, not even a bra - oops - but you can't see (luckily). I am facetious and poke fun at things I feel people take too seriously. Most self-help makes me cringe, so here is a different way of looking at what is really important. 

Comment and let me know if you enjoy this side of Amber 🙂

Make sure you forward this one onto, well, everyone. 

Loads and loads of love,



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